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I’m sorry, y’all, but that is exactly what I thought when the hubby and I were watching a cute movie the other day.  We usually check to see what’s going to be in the movie before we put it in our Netflix Queue.  Seeing that the rating was PG-13 we figured we were good to go.  Because after all, we are in our late 30’s.  Surely, we can handle a PG-13 movie. Now, I am not sure what the criteria is for the motion picture industry when it comes to ratings, but I can tell you that some of the things in the movie were totally inapprorpriate for a 13-year old.  They were inappropriate to watch as I near my 4th decade of living.  I was embarrassed and I don’t blush easily. I’ve seen some rated R movies that I’d rather show my 10-year old than the PG-13 movie I just saw. Have any of you ever experienced this before?

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  1. My family has had this discussion. It shows how much values have changed and what a relativistic world we live in. We’ve seen recent films that are are rated PG-13 that, IMO, should have an “R” rating. Conversely, I’ve seen films that are 10-15 years old that were rated “R” and I’m left scratching my head wondering why it got an “R”.

  2. I strongly believe that PG-13 is the worst! I would consider watching a R movie before a PG-13. It just goes to show what “ET” business is putting in front of our young people. But on a side note we do not watch anything without checking it out at Plugged In online. It gives you a review from a Christian perspective. It is a must have in Christian homes today! It has TV, video games and movies!

  3. There have been animated children’s films we found inappropriate. Take Monster House, for example. 1) It’s scary, 2) the babysitter is a rebellious, sarcastic teen….we not likey. But, we will let them watch all six Star Wars movies. Because, at least, good wins over evil. And, we like to see who can make the best light saber sound.

  4. I hate that. It’s almost impossible to watch anything anymore. Have you checked into TV Guardian. We got it for our TV and it makes things some what better. It reads the closed captioning and the tv goes silent when bad language comes on. Sometimes we get tickled with it though. When watching Elmo sing Old McDonald the tv displays at the bottom of the screen “with a jerk-a-doodle here and a jerk-a-doodle there…”

  5. The MPAA actually doesn’t really have standards. They do have a few “suggestions”… but they’re just a group of people who sit around and decide what they think the “general populace” would consider what. There is a fascinating (albeit rather appropriately rated NC-17… even the poster is not suitable for children) documentary on this: This Film is Not Yet Rated

    PG-13 movie with full frontal nudity? Yep.

    Though the one that really amuses me is The Graduate which was rated before PG-13 existed, and so is a PG movie with a brief flash of nudity.

    And some really great rated R flicks.


  6. I agree with Dusty and Sarah. It gets even harder the older the children get. It also isn’t just the movies it is what’s on TV too. I remember when I was little my mom watched soap operas. They wouldn’t even say B**** on them. Now if you turn them on they say it like it was the name given the character.

  7. I can totally relate to this. I have 4 kids, 3 over 13 and they assume that because it says pg-13 they can watch it when they turn 13. They learn very quickly that it isn’t so.

  8. After reading Theresa’s comment it reminded me of something…a very dear friend of our family says he can remember old underwear commercials. He said they would only show the underwear in the package on a shelf. Today the have women parading around in next to nothing, as you well know if you have had your tv on for more than two minutes.

  9. mmm hmmm! It is pretty ridiculous. You have to really be proactive when it comes to movies these days. Check out It gives you detailed descriptions of what is in the movie. I use it all the time.

  10. I read this in my blog reader…and I popped right over to comment. Then I saw that my husband was the first to get here. LOL

    Yep, PG-13 stinks. Many of them should be rated R. We have learned to be very, very careful.

    At this point, old, old, old movies are what I’m hoping to watch with my kids. We watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers the other night. (The black and white one.)
    That was fun. 🙂

  11. Last night we watched a PG movie with our 6 year old daughter about a rambunctious puppy. Toted as a “family movie”, I was unprepared to try and explain what a miscarriage is and why they were in bed “kissing so much”.
    I will ALWAYS check out a movie online now for details. What is the world coming to? SHAME ON HOLLYWOOD!

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