Our Story – Chapter 1

The Day Everything Changed The day was Tuesday. February 19, 2002, to be exact. Although my husband, Chris, had completed six weeks as the new worship pastor at our church in Edmond, Oklahoma, we’d only spent three nights in our new home. Unexpectedly, he walked through the front door at 9 somethin’ in the morning. Attempting to inch my way through a plethora of boxes, I looked up and saw the face of the man I’d loved for nearly 10 years. And the man who was soon to break my heart. Chris walked toward me and asked if we could talk. The look on his face said enough. Something was wrong. After getting Noah settled watching a Blue’s Clues video, Chris motioned for me to sit on the newly purchased sofa that had arrived just 24 hours before as we were beginning our new life in a new town. My heart began to palpitate as the next several minutes consisted of him confessing to numerous affairs with numerous women from numerous places. I heard the cracking of my heart as he spoke and felt the devastation setting in almost immediately. As if that information was not enough to handle, he also informed me that one of the women was pregnant and he was pretty sure the baby was his child. You have got to be kidding me. He was not.

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  1. Dear Cindy, The Lord has been wooing me to come to your site for a while and I was fearful to. Your contribution from from SF daily devotinal has been most inspiring, thank you! I was ready for what I read, there’s one thing The Lord despised about the Cross it was the shame and humiliation, I aggree with Him, it’s the worst thing! I’m shocked your husband plainly confess, my husband doesn’t confess or apologize either, he is soooooo forgiven! Forgiving has been dealt with I can only do it in Jesus, He’s so Goood!
    Unfortunately the hurtful behavior goes on, beside blaming me. It’s a hard place to be.
    Thank you for sharing your victory!

  2. The Word from the Lord: “You have questioned many things. I have put those questions in you to expose the false foundations that have kept you bound. I declare, those foundations will no longer bind you. I have shown you what to do in the past, but fear had gripped you. But now the fear of missing My best for you will cause an overcoming of all previous fear. My love and purpose for you will propel you through all hurts and setbacks, as the journey forward continues to unfold.”

  3. celine i can say that he did confess. My husband soon to be ex-husband will not confess up to anything. Apologize what is that to him. Dated 2 years , married 5 years. Confessing is good for the soul. That is one of the down falls in the marriage not confessing. God is so good if only my husband could see that. I have forgive him so many times in the relationship and about to be out of it and stil forgiving him. So what do when your marriage is at the cross road of no return. I have prayed and waited and nothing yet.

  4. Спасибочки вам. Ваш блог это отличный повод найти интересных и образованных людей, способных к конструктивным обсуждениям и критике. 🙂

  5. I want to scream when I hear women staying in marriages where their husbands don’t respect them! When Jesus met the woman at the well, he gave her back her self respect and instructed her to stand up for herself and quit letting men take advantage of her. Until you set boundaries for your marriage and yourself and take charge of yourself, your husbands need not change or see what they might lose because of their choices. I suggest books on boundaries, 6 steps to emotional freedom, or I don’t love you anymore. Please take charge and thank the Lord for his support and advice to hurting women. You are in my prayers.

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