One Thing

What if you did one thing nice for someone every day? Maybe you iron your husband’s shirt for him or refill his recurring prescription every month without him having to remind you. What if you did one thing to help someone you don’t even know? Like when those people try to speed up when the lane is ending and you really want them to LEARN THEIR LESSON but instead you let them in front of you because you are a good Christian and everyone knows that all Christians let people in their lane. (tic) What if you did one thing to make the world a better place and no one ever knew about it? Say, like picking up litter in the park when no one is around to see your good deed. That has been something I have been trying to do regularly. But I really focus on the third one…when no one knows. Because, you see, I don’t mind a pat on the back. I like the occasional atta girl. Doesn’t bother me one bit to get some kudos from another person. And while there is nothing wrong me receiving that much needed encouragement, I pray my reason behind doing good things is not for the approval of man.
Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ. Galatians 1:10
One of the ways I serve Christ is by serving others. Even if they don’t know about it. One thing. Every day. Try it. What have you got to lose?

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  1. This is something I have learned from watching my husband, he just does stuff and would care less if anyone knows. Man I want a heart like that!

  2. This is goooooood! Doing things out of a pure heart is a constant mental and heart process for me. I hate it when I get it in the way.

    Love the verses Robin pointed out.

  3. I do things that drive my kids crazy but then I notice that they have started too. Hopefully they don’t ever realize that they are serving and it just becomes a trait, habit.

    I don’t want them to do it for the “pat on the back”, I know that I don’t.

  4. I just love it when you get to a place where you just respond to heart and voice of God and you just hear a peep from your flesh tell you why you can’t or shouldn’t.

  5. so – for some reason i was up early this morning read your blog – and went for a run ( sorry i did not leave a comment i was sleepy) after running i walked home and thought of what you said about one thing about picking up the trash along the street –
    i was shocked at how much trash i had – it broke my heart- and i figured if it broke my heart – it has to hurt God’s heart too – so i had a long dicussion with God and stuff that breaks His heart (and not just trash along the side of the road but it did spawn a whole line of thinking about how much God loves rejects ect.) – so this was a GREAT post – leading my ADD brain in all different directions this morning but always back to Jesus and i really needed that!!!! THANK YOU !!!

  6. For the last couple of months I’ve been more aware of what we are doing to our Earth. I’ve been recycling more especially plasic bottles & paper, We have to take better care of our environment for our children and our future generation.. I defaniatly am making a concious effort to contribute.. great post today!

  7. Wow! Ya’ll blog early in the morning! Like the Matthew verses. I also love verse 4 too. It’s like God and I are sharing a secret just between us. =)
    Jesus set the example when he washed his disciple’s feet. Not the most exciting or prestigious job, but something that needed to be done. It’s about daily laying down our lives for the one who gives life.

  8. hey.

    so i loved this post yesterday and marked it for later… i’m thinking about doing a whole month on this here topic in the fall.

    i really think, if we all did something, we could make a significant difference in others’ lives. duh, right?
    so i want to offer resources, encouragement, challenges, etc to my readers. on anything and everything that we can do as individuals to make this world a better place.
    (well, to the exclusion of coke’s campaign: buy the world a coke.
    everything but shipping coca-cola to 3rd world countries. that would be bad.)

    so. what was i saying? yes. i wanted to link up with other bloggers who are doing everyday things to make an extraordinary difference. you’re one of them.
    the heart of this post is perfect.
    i’d love to have you as a guest writer, with this post or this type of post. or more than one posts!!! i just want you in on this.

    what say you?

  9. hi i’m back again… so. hey!

    it’s almost september. AUUGGHH!!!
    i’m ready to do this. i’m getting super excited. and i’m checking in with you. hence, the “hey!”

    you wanna re-post this or something modified from this? or something new? any thoughts? you do remember you’re supposed to be a guest blogger in september, yes?
    how do you feel about me putting your post up on 9.11… oh dang. is that bad??

    did i mention i’m excited???

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