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Oklahoma Is Apparently Fat AND Skinny

I’ve known for some time that Oklahoma was one of the top obese states in our nation. Number 6, to be exact. And while listening to the news last night I also learned that it is the 4th hungriest state. The irony. Today will conclude a 21-day Daniel Fast that I’ve been on since January 1st. I chose to do this fast for spiritual reasons. When we deny our body of food, we are more likely to spend that time in prayer asking God to be our sustenance. But let’s be real. It’s not like I’ve been starving. There are plenty of things one can eat on this fast. All fruits, all vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole wheat pasta, and smoothies (if made appropriately). Making meals while on this fast causes one to get real creative. However, right now, food isn’t really much of an issue for me. Yes, I miss my coffee and plan to partake of that first thing tomorrow morning. But I don’t miss so many other things. This fast brought about some amazing spiritual progress in my life but it also brought about even more freedom for me in my food addiction struggles. Right now, food isn’t my idol. And that’s a good thing. I never imagined that going without food, or certain types of food, would be the catalyst to even more freedom in my life. I used to think that fasting would just make it worse. Now, I know different. Fasting not only allows me to commune better with my Heavenly Father and take things to Him in prayer, it takes away an unnecessary idol, food, which brings me into a deeper relationship with Christ. Just thinking out loud.

4 thoughts on “Oklahoma Is Apparently Fat AND Skinny”

  1. Now that the fast is over I’m ready to eat, but I have no idea what. Today I thought to myself, “now I have too many choices.” haha, darned if you do, darned if you don’t.

  2. I came across this site and totally agree with you. I also practice fasting when it is the season. I think it also brings my relationship to Christ closer as I experience what He went through (not literally though).

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