Ode To Jack Bauer

I’ve grown to love this man. 24 It doesn’t matter to me that he breaks every law or bikes the neck of a man or threatens someone’s child to get the information he needs.  Because he’s willing to be tortured and even take up a drug addiction for the cause at hand. He did it for me. He did it for you. My husband and I started watching 24 from the first season.  We didn’t rent a DVD series.  No, we were faithful from the gitgo.  We lived in a different home that was in a different state.  We also had only one child.  A lot has changed in our lives since we began our journey with Jack. With ABC’s Lost and Fox’s 24 both ending in the same week, you’ll understand when I tell you that I am grieving.  Grieving the loss of two Jacks. Not only that, but I am done with my American Idol days as well. (But, really, I shouldn’t even mention American Idol and 24 in the same sentence.) And next January when I don’t hear the clock ticking before each commercial break or the voice that says “previously on 24”, I might shed a tear. Might. So long, Jack Bauer.  I’ve watched you change over the years and even go a little crazy from time to time.  But, I’ve always believed in you. You will forever be the best CTU agent this country, this world has ever known.

3 thoughts on “Ode To Jack Bauer”

  1. Oh how I miss Jack. I love him, too.

    Great post!

    However, I am still plagued by the thoughts of what ever happened to the Arkansas parole officer that Dana Walsh put in the vent in CTU?!?

    Well, I guess I’ll never know! 🙂


  2. Brian and I have been faithful since the beginning as well. Needless to say we’ve been a little forlorn this week… This post brought us some laughter :). Great tribute!

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