Notable Noah

For those who are unaware, my husband, Chris, is a pastor at our church. He fills in for the campus pastors from time to time on what we call their “stage time.” It’s the time when they are on the stage welcoming people as well as sharing other pertinent information about upcoming events. At the end of each experience (aka, service), the campus pastor also leads people in a time to ask Jesus to come in and change their lives. We refer to this an the invitation. So, Chris recently filled in for Trevor Williams, our South Oklahoma City campus pastor. At the 6:30 experience on Saturday evening, a woman passed out during the invitation. Chris was telling Noah, our darling firstborn, and me about it and here is how the conversation went: Noah: What are you and Mom talking about? Chris: Oh, something that happened at church tonight. Noah: What? Chris: Well, during the invitation a woman passed out in the front row and the ambulance had to take her to the hospital. Noah: Why did she pass out? Chris: I don’t know. Noah: Because you were that good? Precisely.

21 thoughts on “Notable Noah”

  1. Nice. Bet that made Chris’s heart swell to know his oldest son thinks that highly of him! 🙂 (and he SHOULD!)

  2. That is so sweet! He is quite good…ya know, come to think of it I’ve listened to him and felt a little lightheaded after…

  3. How Sweet…I bet that was awesome for Mr. Beall to hear! I have heard him talk and it was mighty good. His voice travels well across the internet all the way to CA!

  4. I was with Trevor when he found out about this. Our response was a little different than Noah’s, but not nearly as funny.

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