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  1. Ok, Ms. Cindy Beall, good stuff. I’m not struggling with food issues as much as some other stuff for my kiddos. but I am loving the phrase, “not today”. I feel so worn out with the “one day at a time” slogan…this is fresh. “Not Today” can apply to so much. Just trusting God for what I have today…hmm

    good stuff, girl! Truth is truth. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cindy–thanks so much for taking the time to do the videos this week. Tuesday was my day of reckoning and I am taking one day at a time. It has been a long while getting to this place where I have drawn the line in the sand. This temple where my Jesus dwells WILL be pleasing in His sight. So, just wanted to say thanks again for being a living testimony, one day at a time…

  3. Great series this week. I reached my goal about 2 years ago on WW. I’ve gained some of it back mostly due to stress eating, but I’m trying to get back on track. These videos have helped me to refocus my efforts again.

  4. Hey Cindy, thank you so much for the honesty in your videos. I have about 30lbs to lose and I’ve lost 5 in the last 14 days. It is coming off slowly and I’m keeping a food journal and basically counting calories. I’m pretty good with a calculator. Anyway, I just watched all your videos while doing some arm exercises with weights. I can relate to everything you said about overeating. Thanks for the motivation to keep going. Hopefully I will reach my goal in the next several months. Do you exercise too? Just wondering since I haven’t gone back through all your old posts. Thanks:)

  5. Hi Cindy,
    I’ve just found your blog through the devotion you’ve brought to the internet cafĂ©. I have to admit that I have had the same struggle since my adolescence. I want to thank you for being so open, and for talking about something that many people do not even believe can be true. My husband has big dificulties understanding that food is to me what a drink is to an alcoholic person. The only problem is that if you have an alcohol problem, you can quit (ok, I know it’s not that simple). You can just decide: I will never have a drink again. But you can’t quit eating! There’s where your statement “food is fuel” might be what we need to be reminded of. Food is not love, food is not a compensation, food is not affection.
    It’s just so hard.
    Thanks for writing – I’ll probably be following you these days.

  6. i LOVED these videos. i worked very hard almost two years ago and lost between 20-25 lbs. i watched what i ate, i exercised consistently, etc… about three months after i lost the weight it was birthday time for both of my daughters, then thanksgiving, then christmas and slowly over time most of that weight came back on. even though i was exercising consistently my eating habits were (and continue to be) horrible. i opened the sugar flood gates! i did do WW and it really works with counting points. the two things that you said that really struck a chord are “not today” and the fact that you were writing down what you ate ahead of time. i love it! that will be so helpful for me.

    thank you for putting the time into the videos. i gained some great insight. here’s to losing 15-20 lbs by summer…. we are heading back home for a wedding and seeing people we haven’t seen in 5 years since we moved. my reward if i lose it… a new dress :o)

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