Noah’s Notables

Have I told you that my soon to be 10-year old, Noah, is quite brilliant?  I have?  Right. Well, he’s also quite the analyzer.  He thinks of things from all different angles unlike most kids.  And he’s a may-juh fee-luh…major feeler.  (Sorry.  I sometimes like to talk like I’m from Britain.) So here was yet another memorable, and funny, conversation we had about his little brother when I was tucking him in the other night:
Noah:  Sometimes I wonder if Seth will every get kidnapped. Me:  You do? Noah:  Yeah, like when he’s outside playing in our front yard and I’m not there. Me:  I see. Noah:  If he was ever kidnapped, I’d come into the house and get a steak knife and stab it into my heart. Me:  That seems a little extreme.  Maybe you could just come in and tell me or your dad.  (pausing a few seconds)  I thought your brother drove you crazy and that you didn’t want him around much? Noah:  Well, he does, but I do love him.  Just not in a way I want him to know. (He then begins to laugh hysterically.)
And that, my internet peeps, is just one of the many conversations I get to be a part of as Noah’s mom.  

15 thoughts on “Noah’s Notables”

  1. I LOVE brother love! Its a blessing to get to watch up close.

    Jack at times wants to pound Will, but came in yesterday and said he had to push a kid in the front yard for pushing Will. I loved the word HAD 🙂

  2. No one is allowed to do anything mean to Hope but Ryan. Even now.

    Love Noah and that Love statement about not wanting Seth to know. 🙂

  3. Cuteness. A Christian couple took me out to dinner one night when my wife was in the hospital. I was barely holding it together and I really needed that night out. They were dropping me off at my car after the meal when their youngest boy, who’s about 5 said “why don’t we just take him home with us?” I managed to hold it together, because that’s what us guys do, and made an excuse about how my cat needed me to come home and take care of him. I’ve never mentioned to them how much that child’s thought meant to me. Even yer kids are dangerous. (grin)

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