Noah’s New Word

My sweet husband, Chris, is an absolute joy. Our 15th anniversary is less than two months away. We probably won’t celebrate in a fashion similar to anyone else. You see, we are building a new home that will be finished then. And not just any home…our dream home. I could easily retire in this home. Easily. One of the things that makes my man so wonderful is his ability to research. I so appreciate this quality about him simply because it’s prevented us from making horrible purchases and blessed us with amazing deals. But if I’m being honest, and I feel I must, it’s also a trait that drives me up the wall. Enter Noah.


Our oldest son will turn nine in less than four months. He’s extremely brilliant. In fact, I’m getting just a tad bit nervous because I feel quite certain that his intelligence will surpass mine by the time 6th grade rolls around. He gets his brains from his dad…his looks from me :) Noah asks the meaning of words on a regular basis. Sometimes I know the meaning. Other times I run to see what my old friend Webster has to say. Tonight’s word was “monotonous”. I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready so he asked his dad what it meant. Chris said, “It’s when somebody does something over and over and over again.” Noah quickly replied, “So, it’s kinda like how you research things on your computer over and over and over. That would be monotonous?” Noah? Your mother thanks you. **Originally published on November 6, 2007.

14 thoughts on “Noah’s New Word”

  1. that’s awesome!

    i wanna hear all about your dream house! since this post was published last year, i’m wondering if the house is done. and if you’re in it. you know, getting ready for retirement…

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