Noah’s First Communion

My 9-year old, Noah, is absolutely terrific.  I am enjoying him more and more each day.  While he has his struggles with organization and remembering to turn in his homework and how that LITERALLY DRIVES HIS SPREADSHEET LOVIN’ MOMMA UP THE PROVERBIAL WALL, his heart is pure and tender and kind and generous.  And for that, I will praise God all day long. Recently on a Saturday night, we were leaving church to come home.  Noah took a communion cup from the back of the chair at church and asked if he could take it.  People were all around so I told him he could do it in the car. We got in the car and here is how the conversation went:
Noah:  (starts opening the plastic cover to remove the cracker)  Me:  The cracker is a symbol of the body of Christ.  The juice is a symbol of his blood.   Noah:  What kind of juice? Me:  Grape.  This isn’t the actual body or blood of Christ but just a symbol.  And when you eat and drink it, you are to remember that Christ died for you on the cross so that you could live an abundant life on earth and spend eternity with God in Heaven.  You should also thank God and tell him you love him.  Make sure you ask him to forgive your sins. Noah:  (starts nibbling on the cracker loud enough for all to hear and makes slurping noises while drinking the juice) Me:   Did you pray? Noah:  Yes.  I told God that I loved him and that I am thankful that Jesus died on the cross for my sins.  I asked Him to forgive me. Me:  That’s wonderful, honey. Seth:  (shouting from the back seat)  Is that Jesus’ body and buh-wud in the cup? Me:  No, sweetie.  Just a symbol. Noah:  (finishing up the cracker and juice)  Yummy.
And there you go, folks. You’re welcome.  

7 thoughts on “Noah’s First Communion”

  1. that is so so precious.

    and a good reminder for me to do as noah did—tell God i love Him, thank Him for Jesus’ death on the cross, and ask Him to forgive me…again.

  2. Those moments Make your heart melt doesn’t!

    Make you realize all the sacrifice and hours in prayer and the difficult decisions are so worth it.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow! That’s awesome! Brought a smile to my face. It’s no wonder Jesus said “Let the little children come to me.” Lord knows he needs a little laugh now and again. 🙂

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