No Burnt Orange Tower in Austin

Our time in Texas with our parents was very refreshing. Watching TV on your parent’s sofa just feels better than sitting on your own. It says, “Hey, you’re on vacation. Eat some cookies and watch Premonition in the middle of the afternoon.” Thanksgiving day was especially entertaining with Chris’ family down in Victoria. Three of his sisters and their families were there along with his parents. We spent some time introducing the sibs to videos of Flight of the Conchords on YouTube. This year, Jim, the husband of Chris’ twin sister, Jenny, challenged us to a football game out in the front yard. We absolutely obliged. After four long quarters (about 15 minutes actually), one team prevailed and went home with the game trophy.


Even though we (& our niece and nephew) went home with the title this year, I can’t say the same for the University of Texas. You’d think the world had ended in my childhood home as Chris, my mother and I sat watching the Aggies tear apart our blessed Longhorns on Friday afternoon. With droopy faces and disappointed hearts, we decided to go on with our evening plans that included my brother and his family. (Don’t worry, thanks to Chris’ Blackberry, we paid close attention to the final few plays. We’re no dummies.) We made our way to “The Square” in Georgetown to see the lights on the county courthouse. And what to our wondering eyes did appear? Some really amazing carolers ushering in the Christmas spirit. Seth is still singing Jingle Bells. His own version albeit, but still beautiful 🙂 We finally decided to drown our sorrows into some chips and salsa followed by a spread consisting of every type of Mexican food known to man thanks to Dos Salsas. We continued our mourning at my brother’s house with some coffee and pie. It’s funny to me that I get so bent out of shape about losing a football game. Oh, I don’t yell or cry or act mean to anyone, but it certainly disappoints me. Kinda ridiculous. Especially after thinking about all of the wonderful things we did and people we were able to see during this THANKFUL holiday. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love being with my family and with Chris’ family. The fact that we look forward to being with both of our families is pretty amazing. We are blessed that we both love each other’s parents and siblings…and I’m not just writing that because they read my blog 🙂 After reminiscing about our Thanksgiving vacation, I don’t even care that a football game was lost. Shopping with my mom, taking Chris’ parents out to dinner, eating breakfast tacos, listening to Seth and Grandpa pretend to be ghosts while they flicker the lights, watching Noah shoot his first bee-bee gun into the woods, shopping without my children, playing football with pre-schoolers, seeing my brother FINALLY get into the Christmas spirit with the 56,294 Christmas lights on his house, and driving in a warm car while mammoth snowflakes pounded our windshield on the way home sure make a gal realize she’s got a pretty alright life. Wouldn’t you say?

5 thoughts on “No Burnt Orange Tower in Austin”

  1. so very awesome! i am sorry about UT too 🙁 and i understand the grieving process (it has happened a LOT lately with my beloved dallas mavs!) i am glad you had a great thanksgiving and enjoyed this fair state – random snow and all!

  2. So glad you had a great time! We had a fab time with our Texas gang here…even though the kiddos weren’t happy they missed a Thanksgiving snow. oops!

    Looking forward to dinner!

  3. Cindy, you’re so cute! I just love you to pieces and I’m very glad you had a good vaca. That’s so fun…kinda made me miss Texas.

  4. Cindy, I loved the read…we live in Kyle but I grew up in Austin. My family bleeds burnt orange. Not everyone understands that college football is way more important than the pros 😀
    Luckily for me, we went out to El Paso for Thanksgiving and were unable to watch the game. It stresses me out!!!

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