I love nicknames. One of my favorite things with my friends is finding a nickname for them. Kris, from our life group, loves them, too. I don’t know if he’s ever called me Cindy. It’s usually C-dawg or something gang related. He makes up nicknames for all of us. Holla. The reason I love nicknames is because I’m all about relationships. And when you feel comfortable enough with someone to call them by a nickname, that says something. To me, at least. Keri Austin calls me CeeKayBee because I often sign emails with my initials…ckb. My friends from high school still call me Cmo because my maiden name was Moehring. My family calls me Cyn because my real name is Cynthia. And I love it. People laugh when they hear it for the first time because they think someone is calling me sin. I laugh and say, “Well, I’m the only kind of Cyn you should love.” Clever, I know. And adorable. I call my husband Sugar Lips. And I think you know why. He calls me…ahem. And scene. Are you a “nickname” kind of person? What is yours?

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  1. Wow! here we go! My madien name is Bopp…yes it is! So you can imagine the names I have gotten…MMM Bopp…Unskinny Bop Bop..She Bop..Jenn Bopp…which turned into Cady (pronounced like “Katie”) Bopp (when I got married to a “Cady”) Then to Jenn Cady…now, people think “Jenn cady” is one Name…southern thing…like Jim Bob, Katie Mae!…so now I try and explain that!

  2. Okay Cindy…my nicknames are Prieta, Prietita, Flaca given to me by my family. Tell me what they mean. They are in spanish.
    Um…then I was called prosty, hag, and other words that were not so lovely…by my beloved sister who constantly tortured me.
    My kids call me momma when I am loved and Mother when they are upset with me.
    I was called rocka by my nephew and bronka by my friends kid.
    I think thats it…

  3. Yeah, I have a few…
    Nat (most popular, that’s free for anyone)
    Nat Splat
    Tootie (by my mom!)
    Oh, For me, I like to call people by their full names. I don’t really know why, it just comes out. I think I always call you Cindy Beall. Same wich yo man.

    (ps. why are you up at 5am posting? I’m nursing a baby and watching the clock tick til I’ve got my head back on the pillow! You crraazy.

  4. let’s see…

    – john wood (my middle name is woodford)
    – ji
    – johnny i
    – j-dub (“dub” as in “w” as in woodford)

  5. My favorite nickname is what I am called by my Dad, he has called me this since I can remember-Ali Beth (my middle name is Elizabeth)

    When we were picking out names for our first daughter were couldn’t decide on a middle name and felt like Elizabeth was to long so we named her Lily Beth. It fits her so well!

    My husband is big into nicknames and calls Lily-LB (for Lily Beth)
    He calls our youngest daughter Sader Mader her name is Sadie.
    Wierd I know!

  6. Let’s see now, my maiden name was Murphree, so in elementary school it was smurphree, as in the little blue people better knows as “smurfs” in highschool my bff Janae nicknamed me Murph and that pretty much stuck. Now I am just mom and wife.

  7. When I worked in Dallas; working with more inner-city type kids I picked up the nickname PJ (Pastor Jonathan). The weirdest nickname I’ve ever gotten is related to my last name and was when my little brother started getting called ‘Little Cliff’ by his friends since he was the youngest. Eventually I became knows as ‘Big Cliff’ even though I topped the scales at 140.

  8. I have a few…but we’ll leave those.

    My oldest daughter is Hope and when she was 2ish, her word for water was something sounding like water trickling…something like “doodie doodie dooo”. I don’t know. So, my husband calls her “Doodie” (I know it is some people’s name for, well, doo doo, but none of us cares.

    My younger daughter is Naomi and she is just now 2. She calls herself “Oh-mee” so, of course, my husband picked that one up too. Oh-mee sounds a lot like “homey” which, of course, is another gang name. Go figure.

    We’ve got a Doodie and a Homey….too funny. I call both of them “Peanut”. =)

  9. Heater or Heat is what I’m most frequently called by friends and family. my husband calls me Sweetheart. my dad and sisters call me Heathe and some call me Feather. my grandma calls Miss Tillie because when she was little there was a lil old lady that would always ask a lot of question because she was nosey. so am I. My friends & I like to call each other children by ther first & middle name(its a Southern thing)

  10. Thank you, mother, for sharing that with my internet peeps. I’m quite certain I’ll never hear the end of that.

  11. Thanks for the fun poll, Poo-Poo! I mean, Cindy. 😉 Hey, at my favorite Chinese restaurant, they have a Poo-Poo Platter.

    My dad calls me jellybean
    My mom called me tootsie

    My husband calls me…cone. I’m NOT going to explain this. You couldn’t even guess.

    My son at 18 mos. called me bahboo. Now it’s just plain ol mommy.

    My daughter at 4 calls me “maw.” I love it for some strange reason.

    I call my husband KIT because he frequently calls me from his OnStar carphone. (no, I never watched Knight Rider, but remember the commercials)

  12. As a child I always wanted a nickname but was never fortunate to have one. I even tried to create my own but my friends would never used them 🙁
    Then I got my first nickname and I hated it it. I was call munchichie (remember those cartoon characters?) I was called that because of my curly hair.

    Now as and adult I have so many and I love it. 🙂

  13. My grandmother is notorious for bestowing hideous names upon those she loves. She calls me Andynon. I don’t know how she came up with it. It doesn’t bother me though, because when I’m sending her a letter or a card, I sign it…

  14. My dad always called me Sissie. When my brother married, his wife started calling me Nanner. I am Aunt Nanner to their kids and just Nanner to my grnadkids. It seems like a lot of other family members now call me Nanner if they use a nickname.

  15. Some of mine are pretty typical for my name. ie. Liz or Libby.
    My sister calls me Libaseth. She’s 25 now. You’d think she’d outgrow it. My all time favorite was given to me by my dad. Ralph. He’s called me that since I was a baby. I’m not sure why really.

  16. Well, although my name is Casey, my mom nicknamed me “Grace” at a very young age. I was her first and she didn’t know much about babies. So when she started feeding me, she fed me three jars of baby food at every sitting. I was a little pukey and alot chubby. My parents were really skinny (my mom was like Twiggy thin) and I was so chubby people didn’t believe I was her baby. Consequently, when I started walking, I was a little awkward (have you seen fat babies walk?). So she nicknamed me Grace because she thought I needed some. Everyone in my immediate family calls me Grace and many of my close friends, especially the ones I grew up with, call me Grace. My nephews call me “Gracey” (little combine of Grace and Casey).

    When I met Dennis, he told me that when he was traveling as an evangelist (during the Bible College Years) the churches would always make a big deal out of him being single so He would say something like, “Yes, I’m single and I need grace…so Grace, if you are out there, come see me after the service”. When he met my family and they called “Grace” he thought it was halarious that he finally found “Grace”.

  17. Ok, Cindy Poo Poo. 🙂 I love nick names for the ones I love. But I have to feel pretty close to you and it has to be something that came up that you did. I can’t just make up a nick name on the spot. It needs to remind me of a memory of you. You know?

    My mom calls me FRED when she can’t remember my name. I husband calls me Jess or BAY-BAY or BABE. My sister calls me GWENNIE (see movie American Sweethearts – I call her KIKI). My gma calls me Jessi. My friends from high school called me Butzie (pronounced BOOTSIE).

  18. I love giving people nicknames but usually only refer to them as that in memories or in joking. I have never had a nickname that truly stuck except for…Mandy. I know, it’s crazy. Well, I take that back. My family just calls me Man and sometimes my daddy calls me Sweetie, but that’s about it. I’m either Mandy, if you know me from church or are a close friend, or Amanda. Kinda boring, I know. I wish someone could think of a clever nickname for me, but for 18 years I’ve been looking for one, but no one can ever find one.

  19. Most people call me Vic. My Mom calls all of us, grandkids included, ‘shug’ as in sugar. My kids love it. They imitate my mom’s voice and say, “Weeellll hellooo ShUUUUGGG”. She has a real Oklahoma twang. My dad calls me gorgeous and my husband calls me babe.
    My children:
    Matthew – is Matt or Matteus
    Seth – Sethy Wethy (little sister calls him that), Setharino is my name for him
    Zach – Zman, Zachattack, Zmeister, Zachy
    Hannah – Hannah banana, Sissy, and the one I call her the most, Baby Girl..When Hannah was younger the boys would sometimes call her Hanoi, you know for annoy. We quickly nipped that in the bud.

    Growing up we called our grandparents very formal names: Grandmother So and So and Granddad So and So. Very formal. My parents are Nana and Grandad (or PaPaw).

    My husband has a hard time keeping everyone straight when he is tired or in a hurry. Several times he has called one son the wrong name. Then he will try to correct it and call them the other son’s name. One day he got so frustrated he said, “Pete, Bob, Joe, wear your name tag!” Hysterical!

  20. You were CMo before Jennifer Lopez was J Lo. You trend-setter, you! 😉

    Mine are usually a variation on my name: Abbi is actually short for Abigail, so that counts. Abs, Ab, Absarilla, Abs of Steel (riiiiiight), Abbi Jean, ZBot, Z, etc. Mom and Dad call me Abbi-Doodle or Abba-Dabba. Dad also calls me Buddy or Bud (poor guy never got any sons.) My closest Zoe and I call each other Stinky and can’t remember why. My friend Karly in LifeGroup bestows nicknames. Mine? “Abbi Lou.”

    The funny thing: I get almost offended if people call me by a nickname and aren’t very close to me…depends on how much that person has endeared themselves to me. I think nicknames are kind of intimate. Don’t go calling me “Abigail” if I don’t just looooove you to bits…that name is reserved for my grandmas. 🙂

  21. My nickname is “Cookie.” Very long story and has nothing to do with me liking cookies. Most of the people I work with call me Cookie, so much so that some people actually think it’s my real name. I love nicknames. I love giving them to people. To me it’s a sign of endearment.

  22. That’s alright Cindy, it looks like we have something in common after all…my nickname from my uncle (actually my bro started it when he was little) is Caa-caa –don’t know how to spell, but yes like spanish poo-poo!

    lol–it wasn’t funny till now!
    I have many others
    -Princess Jes
    -J Dub
    -PG (funny story)
    -short stack
    my favorite, thanks to Big D…

  23. My dad calls me Mutt and has since I was in middle school. People hear that and it draws a wierd face – to me, it is his sign of love for me. He RARELY calls me Molly. My wedding day – at the altar, he called me Mutt. I love it!

  24. I love nicknames. You’re right – they are all about relationships. Anyway, my nickname with my oldest friends is JoylenieWeenie. Sad but true. 🙂

  25. Nicknames have always been fun… just write me down on the poo poo list….lynnie poo poo here!!! My mom always called me punkin or punkin head.

    The one that means the most to me is Skeeter. My grandpa gave me that name. You see when I was much younger, i was a skinny little thing with long arms and legs. Pretty odd looking to say the least.

  26. Well Kris is my husband so you can imagine all the nicknames i get! There is a new one everyday!
    My dad called me porkchop growing up…and still does sometimes!
    I was nicknamed Turbo in highschool cause i was so “fast” on the basketball court, they also called me Mason because there is three girls all with L names so if they said mason they wouldnt get our names wrong.
    My sisters and friends call me “Lo”
    At school they call me Starr cause Mrs. Starr makes me feel old!
    It makes you feel you have a closeness with someone when they call you by a nickname…I LOVE IT

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