I mentioned some time ago that I have been serving at the Northwest Oklahoma City (NOC) Campus of LifeChurch.tv since the opening last March. My role has been within the amazing LifeKIDS ministry. In fact, I’ve served in LifeKIDS in some form or fashion on three different campuses for almost six years. But today was my last day to serve at NOC…or as Pastor Scott calls it…N-DUB! The reason behind my move is strictly geographic. The move we’ll soon make into our new home really prevents our family from establishing a tight knit community since we are over 20 miles away. You know that feeling that starts in your throat when you are starting to get emotional? It’s usually followed by your eyes getting real big in hopes that you’ll fight off the tears that are welling up? I know it, too. To Scott, Jim, Adam, Tony, Keast, Anna, Deidra, Kassie, Kyndal, Candace and Lil Jess….thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only allowing me to serve alongside you but for also be incredible examples of sacrifice. Your team embodies the whatever it takes attitude as well as demonstrates a godly love for your fellow teammates. You team is something special. Attitude reflects leadership, cap’n. Nicely done, SW. Nicely done. I love you all so big. So, so big. It’s a good thing I’ve already taken off my mascara.

7 thoughts on “N-DUB!”

  1. Ahhhh, I am not much of a feeler, but if I wore guyliner it might be running right now; well maybe not, but you know what I’m saying.

    Cindy we will miss you big time. God knew the exact time, and exact season that we needed you.

    The “Ed” is where my journey in full-time ministry began, so it’s kinda bitter sweet!


  2. MAMA CINDY!!!
    AWWW!!! I’m gonna cry… Thank you so much for serving with us! I have been so blessed to know you and I still remember the day I met you. I remember wanting to talk to you, but was too nervous… and every week after that for like 3 months praying about asking you to chat…ridiculous, I know! Finally, courage…and many months later I have been blessed beyond belief, by a woman who truly has a heart of God and has taught me so much. I thank you for being obedient to God and for saying yes, to a young girl who so desperately needed hope and love! You have no idea how much you have changed my life and the lives of all who have had the blessing of knowing you! Looking forward to the future…Love you a TON!!!Lil’ Jes

  3. Great leadership! Thanks for making my Sunday mornings brighter! You will be missed in a big way!

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