My Towel

“Hey Cindy, I think this is your towel,” Kim said very nonchalantly to me at our Bible Study meeting a few weeks ago. My eyes merely saw a worn out and stained piece of cloth but my heart immediately transitioned that sight into an emotional moment. A moment from the past. A moment where I was standing in my old kitchen wiping my hands with said towel. A moment where I laid it out on my granite because I was going to let some dishes dry after hand washing them. A moment before the fire that took our home and every material possession that we owned on that June night in 2013. It was just a towel. Quite frankly, it wasn’t even my favorite towel because it was boring to look at and it just didn’t absorb that well. And who wants a towel like doesn’t absorb? Please. As if. But it was my towel. A towel from the part of our life that can be labeled “pre-fire”. A towel that reminded me of that life. Because it was a good life. The life that housed almost 43 years of my being which included some hard times that transformed me and some amazing ones that made my life richer. And I know that sounds awfully strange to say “that life” because clearly, I am still alive and have my entire family to still love on. But, it’s weird because traumatic events typically do that. They separate your life into sections. And since I have very little from “that life” left physically, it feels like a million miles away. But no matter what events have transpired in my life or in your life, we will overcome. We are MORE than conquerors through Him who loved us. And we are convinced that nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Not the death of a loved one, not an abortion, not anger, not infidelity, not a cynical heart, not mental illness, not a haughty spirit, not rejection, not addiction, not a house fire, not selfishness, not envy, not jealousy, not physical pain, not illness or disease, not the loss of a best friend, not one single thing. Because we are overcomers.  

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  1. Thanks! So many life”sections” I had to start using the Dewey decimal system to catalog them. Seriously though…Amen!

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