My Summer On An Indian Reservation

I remember the day well. It was the end of May in 1991, and my mother was sending me off to Wyoming for the summer as a missionary with the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas.  Despite the adorable demin jumper with a colorful sailor collar I had on, I was down.  And scared.   I’d never been away from my mother for more than a couple of weeks and even then, I could drive 55 miles home to see her if I really needed to do so.  And here I was leaving her and going some 1,200 miles away for eleven weeks.  ELEVEN WEEKS.  What in the world was I thinking? The first couple of weeks proved to be difficult at best.  My tear-stained cheeks certainly put a damper on my partner’s spirit.  She wanted to fix me and make it better, but we both knew that I just needed some time.   Time to grow up and learn to rely on God. And I did.   We had a tremendous summer where we learned more than we thought was possible.  Spending that much time on an Indian Reservation will do that.  Spending that much time anywhere will do that. If we’ll let it. You’re in a place in your life.  You don’t know what the future holds.  You don’t know what plans are ahead for you.  You don’t have any idea what lay on the horizon. Neither do I.  But we know Who does. Wherever you are in your life, learn.  Learn something from it.  As the old adage goes…Grow where you’re planted. I am confident that God will meet you where you are.

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  1. someone made a statement today that has changed me. “i treated her the way i treated myself.” i realized i can say the very same thing.

    i am digging deep to learn right now. to be fully present. to get what i need to get so i don’t need to come around this mountain one more time.

    thank you for holding my hand…

  2. In 91? I already had my first kid (dang I am old)

    Here’s a quote that I so loved that was in my bible for many years:

    “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

    Andre Gide

    I never got past the West coast but, as a wife, mother, girlfriend, businesswoman, and ministry leader…. blogger

    Oh my gosh, what shores have I lept from.. many!!!

    Your mom did good.

  3. Another great post, Cindy; you never disappoint. I can’t even imagine living on a reservation like you did, but I’m quite certain it would be interesting.

    Not long after getting married and our family began growing with twin girls, my wife and I got transferred to southwest Georgia. That was not what we had in mind, nor was it something we looked forward to. After all, we were living in Panama City, Florida while stationed at Tyndall AFB. Fresh shrimp, grouper, snapper and other goodies were just around the corner.

    While in the desert in SW Georgia, the Lord began a process in our lives I don’t believe we would have encountered if we had stayed in our “comfort zone” in the little church we were members of. My wife had been in Pentecost all here life, and I was new to the excitement of that experience. It was in SW Georgia where the Lord caused much growth in my spiritual walk with Him, and, to that end, I am eternally grateful.

    We often don’t choose the desert places we walk through; we have the assurance, however, the Lord will walk with us wherever we go.

  4. I am confident that he will meet me where I am also….Will he help me weed the ground too. Cause right at the moment I would prefer a call to meet him somewhere so I can get out of here! Not good times at the moment.

  5. That is so, so very true.

    We’re like an apple tree that’s tenderly put in a tiny bit of fertile soil in a protected window sill. The thing is… that tree will die if it’s left there. It absolutely must be moved out into the garden if it’s ever to become what it was intended to be. It must be forced to go through the the cold of winter in order to bear fruit in the spring.

    Yet we want God to let us die in a windowsill because we’re too scared of being outdoors.

    We must simply trust that the Great Gardiner who created and owns the entire universe knows that we will grow well in the place that He has planted us.


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