My Spring Epiphany


I had an epiphany the other day. Scary, I concur. However, I believe I must share it in the written word because well, that’s just what I do. I’m fixin’ to say somethin’ that may make some family members and long-time friends upset. I realize there might be a tendency to want to throw something after my announcement so I merely ask that you move away from sharp items as well as bee-bee guns. Here goes. I love living in Oklahoma. Mother? Put the shoe down. I’m your baby girl. And I’m still a Texan. Hook ’em. One might think it odd that I have grown to love this Sooner state. I mean, for the last six years our Longhorn lovin’ family has been mistreated by those who wear the crimson and cream. Doesn’t Sooner mean thief anyway? I’m just sayin’. While these fans make many taunts at our family including turning those beloved fingers upside down instead of THE CORRECT WAY and also vandalizing our yard on the TEXAS/OU weekend, I still love ’em, bless their hearts. Oklahoma reminds me a lot of my beloved Texas. But one thing is different: The weather. For the first time in my life, I get to experience autumn, winter, spring and summer. In central Texas, we have nine months of summer, a couple months of spring, a few weeks of fall and a couple days of winter. We wear shorts on Christmas day which means we ladies have to shave our legs year round. Or at least we should. I not only love Oklahoma because of my awesome church and amazing friends, but also because we have FOUR seasons. I love the warm, summer days that take my family outside but come early August, I’m also ready to say SAYONARA to such misery. The crisp days of autumn are refreshing…a much needed break from the previous season. I look forward to the cold, winter days so that I can wear my warmer clothes and cool boots. (They’re really cute boots. Oh, and I’ve got a couple cute sweaters that make this thick girl look thin. I wear them everyday.) I’m always ready for seasons to begin and seasons to end. Except spring. Never once have I found myself wishing spring away. In fact, it’s never around long enough. So, why is that? Why do I like spring so much? Is it the fact that my shorts aren’t drenched after sitting in a chair too long? Or because I can hear the birds chirping and feel the wind blowing when I’m sitting outside on the porch? Maybe it’s because I get to spend hours on end digging in the dirt and preparing the soil for the flowers we just purchased. Not sure of the reason. Maybe it’s all of the above. All I know is I like spring. I like it a lot.

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  1. I moved from GA to OK 5 years ago. However, it’s not the weather that makes those Sooner fans do dear. It’s the very awesome sense of community and “what can we do fer ya” attitude I seem to get from the sweethearts I meet. Now as for the weather, it’s hard to beat an autumn in GA where the trees are colorful and make you want to fall asleep under one of its protective branches. Can’t get that in Sooner country….but I do get some pretty cool friends, and kite season is year ’round, right?

  2. I totally agree with you Cindy. I love the changing seasons, but I love spring most of all. It makes me smile in the mornings when I get up and the birds are chirping! Such a peaceful sound.

  3. I’m the opposite – a Native Oklahoman living in West Texas. I’ve lived in TX almost 10 years now and have three little Texans (our kids!) living in my home. I occasionally feel a little Texas pride welling up in me…then I hang my head in shame.

  4. I’ve lived in both places and i must say, Texas was fun, but way too hot, too often! I really like Oklahoma, but I would live anywhere if it meant I could be a part of an amazing community!!!
    Love you mama Cindy! & BTW–I would not use the word “thick” in any description of you to anyone, you’re beautiful & tall for sure, but thick never enters my thoughts.

  5. Spring is my absolute favorite as well! I also like the meaning behind it, a chance to start fresh and new like the rest of creation!

  6. I love the four seasons. Fall is my favourite – it’s the only season where allergies never get the best of me. Hah! But we kind of have the reverse of TX here in Canada. We have about 6 weeks of spring, about 8 weeks of summer, about 4 weeks of fall and about 34 weeks of winter. This blessed winter, we’ve had over 420 centimeters of snow … so far. Shave my legs??!! Yeah, maybe in about 2 more months. One thing we Canadian women saved lots of money on is shorts and razors. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter, just bitterly cold! Have a great Easter. Bask in the SonShine. 🙂

  7. I have never lived anywhere but Oklahoma, however, I rooted for Texas when I was young because I loved the fringe on the cheerleaders uniforms. It use to make my Daddy feel as if he failed as a parent. 🙂 I moved on to Oklahoma State when I was older and thus began the great divide in the fam. My husband is from the great state of Texas so now I have support when one of my sisters, whose is an Oklahoma grad, gives me grief!

    I do love Spring in Oklahoma but not the storms. I also love winter and at times wish there was more of it, until spring rolls around and I am so thankful it was short. However, if I could change one thing, spring would last longer here. Last year it lasted about three weeks its seems and then we were in the throws of summer. Spring is too short!

  8. I love Spring because I know Summer is around the corner. I’m one of the crazies that loves the summer heat. I’m a tank top and flip flop kinda-gal. (I even wear flip flops in the winter) I have an obssession for flip flops thank goodness I can get them for under $5. I do love being a native oklahoman, I love the sense of community that anywhere I go I’m likely to see someone I know. Even on a no make-up baseball hat day. Happy Spring Break to all!

  9. We moved here from the Florida panhandle when I was a kid. There was no Gulf and no Krispy Kreme (it was the ’70’s). Serious bummer.

    Now, I’m with you all the way. Gimme seasons. Gimme air that you don’t drink. Gimme bugs that won’t carry you off…

    Now, if I could just learn the Oklahoma Swing…

  10. Spring is so uplifting and a renewal. It’s like it gives your soul a jump-start after winter. We moved from OK to West Virginia about a year and a 1/2 ago. We definitely have more of a winter here and I welcome spring big-time! But, your right, spring is never around long enough!
    Oklahoma is a one-of-a-kind state; I love it! Never realized how much so until we were gone. We’ll be back!

  11. I too am a girl from the Longhorn state, but married a thief, I mean a sooner. So we are a house divided! I have also lived in both states. Now I live in Arkansas and it takes the four seasons to new heights. The fact that a mountain, o.k., a large hill is the last 2.5 acres of my back yard is something I NEVER would have achieved in north Texas. But the fact that it is a forest my kids love to explore is such a bonus! I never knew how much a I would LOVE the four seasons. Though winter is definitely my fourth favorite!

  12. Brave enough to call otu the sooners for what they are, I am right there with ya, GO POKES
    My wife takes the most stunning pictures in the spring, It is just life renewed for me

  13. I do love the seasons here. Especially that winter is so mild and spring comes so soon. I grew up in Indiana, but have been here almost 11 years now. The only thing I really miss about home (besides family) is TREES. Real, great big, tall trees.

  14. Cindy, I remember living in Junction City Kansas while my husband was in the service and visiting Lawton Oklahoma and loving it. Isn’t that where mount scott is?

  15. Hey Cindy,

    I do have to say, today in CENTRAL TEXAS we are having a lovely spring. And you can’t get bluebonnets EVERYWHERE! They are beginnign to bloom, just in time for Easter. So we’ll have to go out and take “the picture”…you know the one, of all of us dressed up for easter squatting in a sea of bluebonnets.

  16. I love spring, and we don’t really have one. The only way I know is the new green leaves on the tree by my front door. Otherwise, its a little like Texas (sort of – minus the tornadoes). We don’t have much in the way of seasons here in California.

  17. Me TOO – makes me want ALL screen doors…oh, but only till june! (or may) :o)

    When I was a POOR college student, I would say I will turn on the a/c July or die, but then I changed it to as soon as June…then later changed it to don’t delay – May! :O)

    What a whimp I am! :O)

    Clearly, I need more adult interaction because I have TOO much to say today! :O)

    Ps – and I didn’t know how to Spell Epiphany until today! :O) Smart one!

  18. I LOVE Spring!!!

    And who would’ve known that I like Georgia after living in California, Chicago, British Columbia, and Boston?!? (don’t get me wrong… I would still love to move back to California someday!)

    Good to know Oklahoma is a good option too!

  19. I have a couple old friends in (Plano) Texas. I had a pleasure visiting one of them last year. Man y’all got some humid weather down there!!! I landed at the airport and my friend’s friend picked me up. The moment the door open I felt this hot humid air ‘whooshing’ passed me. I said “Man that was some air there!” and her response “I know….it’s cooler than last week” Uhmm…I’ve been in Pacific Northwest for too long…anything over 75 degrees is too hot for me!

    Gotta say though that the houses there were nice and different than what we have here in the NW. Y’all got brick houses, we have mostly stucco and sidings. Prices were reasonable too, although I don’t know about now. I thought 200K+ can buy a nice house there.

    I was pretty darn close to make my move there (she and a couple of my friends offered to connect me with some people to interview for jobs, find me a church, etc). Man, had I visited her a couple more times, we could’ve been neighbors.

    But I’m stuck in the NW for now. Not really loving it, but trying to make the best of it everyday and waiting what HE got in store for me.

    I just thought I’d share my .02 🙂

    p.s. Did I just use “y’all” twice!? Man that must be my inner desire to move there 😐

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