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I enjoy the beginning of a lot of things.  Seasons.  Weeks.  New tube of toothpaste.  Friendships.  New bottle of coffee creamer. I especially enjoy the first day of the new year.  A new leash on life, if you will, is given to all of us.  As if to say, “Hey, last year?  You had some good things and some bad things, but you’re behind me now.  I’m movin’ on.” January 1st typically brings resolutions of all sorts. Gym memberships.  Diets.  More discipline in prayer.  Reading more.  Focusing on the people in our lives vs. things that don’t matter. You’ve been there, right?  I have. One of the things I typically do at the first of each year is resolve that I will eat better and eat less.  It usually lasts for a week or so.   Not this year.  This year, I started my new eating habits and eating plan on December 15th.  That’s right.  16 days ago. I’m elated, no thrilled, heck, I’m ecstatic to tell you that not only have I lost six pounds since that challenging day in December, but with the help of my eating plan I have remained on track to eat less.  And my goal is to continue to keep you in the loop since you are my online family, you understand. Hello.  My name is Cindy and I am was an overeater.

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  1. Cindy,
    I’m one of your new blog followers after reading about you on the Truefaced blog when Toben wrote last week, I think. I was so inspired and encouraged by your story. Thank you for boldly sharing your story. I was hanging on my a thread completely hopeless when I read it and God used it to work in my heart and place my hope in Him, not my marriage or my husband… or even myself. Thank you so much!

    Congratulations on your weight loss! It feels great, doesn’t it? I changed my eating habits mid-October and started walking every day for 45 minutes to an hour and I’ve lost 18 lbs! I feel so much better and really shocked myself to have reached my goal so quickly. Keep taking care of yourself! I also encourage you to listen to the message John Lynch preached this past Sunday on http://www.odfchurch.org about resolutions. It was a very interesting and enlightening message that I think every Christian should hear before TRYING to make and keep resolutions yet AGAIN!

  2. Good job, Cindy. Keep going, sister!

    Not to one-up you, but my hubby and I started our new “eating right lifestyle” in mid-November. I tremble at the thought of how tight my pants would be right now if we hadn’t already begun. With us, it seems to be all bout portion control. I am amazed by how FEW cookies are in the little 100-calorie packets. It’s been a strong reality check for us both.

    I pray God blesses you and your family in 2009.

  3. “A new leash on life…” [smile]. I recently had “bother-in-law” on my blog [laughing].

    Keep up the good work, way to go. I don’t know if I need to start eating less, but I do need to spend more time on vigorous activity that involves more than my pointer finger clicking links [smile].


  4. Wow… 6 pounds.. I so need the secret.

    I am resolving to eat less too. I want to run yet another 5K.
    I need to get more focused in getting out to my beach. I simply got lazy with it or too busy.

    I find myself more peaceful when I do…

    Girl 6 pounds wow… I am doing the happy dance for you!!!

  5. YEEHAAA Love Love Love IT!!!

    You can so do this…6 pounds is a great start!! I am Proud!!! Thanks for your support this last year….I am here with mine always!!

  6. Good job! Since I recently found out I’m pregnant, my goal is not so much weight loss (I’m going the other way on that one), but not to use my pregnancy as an excuse to not eat right or exercise. It’s easy for me to think, “Well, I’m just going to gain weight anyway.” Thanks for the reminder that good health is important no matter what!

  7. Congrats on the weight loss! I need to better my eating habits and get fit too…and I need to stick with it and not let it go by the wayside. Happy new year to you!

    First time here, but I’ve bookmarked your blog and will return.

  8. good for you, cindy! i think it’s great that you didn’t wait for the start of a new calendar to step out and do what you wanted to do.

  9. Cindy…I was about to write a blog along the same lines! But now I think I’ll just refer everyone to read what you wrote instead!! LOL!! =] Good stuff! I too, started early on my new eating plan, and I’m loving it! I’ve been convicted about not taking care of myself the way I did in the past, so I decided it was high time to do something about it!!!

    Go girl! Congratulations and continued success!!!

  10. thats right girl! what a way to kick new years resolutions in the booty.

    i love new razors. they make me happy.

    i do NOT like new mascara.

    anyhoo – congrats miss thang!

  11. lol I started out this month wanting to lose an additional 10 but probably gained it instead;-) How do you NOT eat in December??? Oh my word I was collecting recipes as fast as I was consuming calories! I can still say I am 30lbs from where I was last year BUT not from December!! You rock!!

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