My Quest For Pure Motives

I’ve been on quite a quest these past few months. This quest has included many things. Honestly, too many to name. But the one that has my mind constantly going is the one where I am asking, “Is this for me?” Now, I’m not talking shopping or doing anything for myself in a material sense. Cuz, momma likes a new pair of shoes and trouser jeans from White House Black Market. Oh yes she does. I’m talking about the reason behind the things I do or say. Is it to get my idea out there? Or is it to show someone my intelligence because inside I feel incredibly inadequate? Is it to prove that I’m somebody who has something important to say? I guess you could call this quest of mine a Quest for Pure Motives. And I don’t always succeed. The moment I “fail” I know it. I’ve got this internal Holy Spirit alarm that says, “That was for your benefit.” I’m sure some of you think that my desire for this is a little over the top. That maybe I’m taking this whole “sanctification” process way too far. But I know that God is preparing Chris and me and our family for something. I just have no idea on earth what it is. So I press on in making sure that my life points to His life. I recently shared this quote with the women at the OKC Campus of
You can’t be about the Kingdom of God and have your own agenda.
Gotta practice what I preach.

4 thoughts on “My Quest For Pure Motives”

  1. I totally understand this. I’m on this quest as well. Seems like God is stirring up someting in the kindgom and getting his peeps ready for something. . . . just have no idea what it is. It’s a hard thing to admit that you have your own agenda, especially when you are used to masking it as “His” agenda. 🙁

    But I want to have pure motives – no matter the time in the Refiner’s fire it takes to get there.

    Thanks for sharing this today. I’m praying for you and your family. 🙂

  2. Been on the same quest over the past couple years…obviously still working on it! I desire God’s agenda in my life…but my selfish motives have a tendency to creep in. Desire to be wholly about the way of Jesus!

  3. I know that “fail” alarm – mine makes a sick feeling in my stomach…. But its a victory when I second guess something and then I do a literal gut check and its a “nope” that was all for God and I can smile about that!

  4. I love this Cindy. Such a good reminder for me. It’s been a struggle for this gal, who loves words of affirmation, to make sure that what I’m doing is not about me, but all about Jesus. That’s the phrase I have to keep reminding myself of and keeping in check – “It’s about Jesus, not about me!” Thanks for hitting me up with the reminder again.

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