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My New YouVersion Plan Is LIVE!

Praying for our children is instinctual as parents. We are constantly praying for their health, well being and happiness. All of those are great, but let’s go deeper in our prayers for them. As Jesus followers, the Word of God is our foundation for truth and because of that, it makes sense that we should use it as our guide. Join Cindy as she shares prayers with you that she has prayed over her three sons and walk in faith that you will see it all come to pass in your own children’s lives.

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4 thoughts on “My New YouVersion Plan Is LIVE!”

  1. Hi Cindy and Chris,
    I am currently participating in Divorce Care and was taken by your comments in Video 12 “Reconciliation”.
    I would greatly appreciate being able to reach out to Chris and receive some counsel on our situation.
    Thank you,

  2. Good afternoon Cindy, this is Eva North, I’ve just found your series in youversion, but I can’t find part one. Unless I haven’t looked in the right place.

  3. Hi Cindy, I am loving this bible plan! (Praying Gods Word over your children) It’s SO GOOD! Wondering if there is a way to print the prayers, the ones with blanks to enter your child’s name…. ??

  4. Hi Cindy praying over your children is ansome I am reading and saying the prayers . God bless your hands to write.

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