My Last Day

I was 19 1/2 years old when my dad died. I’ve spent nearly half my life without him.  He did not walk me down the aisle on my wedding day.  He did not watch me graduate from college.  He did not see me teach in the classroom.  He has not met my husband or my sons. I feel like he’s missed the best part of me because all those early years and teenage years can be just awful, can’t they? In addition to losing my father, I’ve lost many, many other family members and dear friends.  Some went before their time and others passed as the end of their life approached.  Regardless, I am well aware of the pain that accompanies death. Because of this awareness that is ever-present in my life, I’m all about cherishing people and making the most of each opportunity that presents itself to me.  Not trying to sound morbid or to trying to copy Tim McGraw, but I try to live like I’m dyin’ everyday. And what that means to me is that when my 4-year old asks me to come read him a book when I really want to watch TV, I read the book.  When I want to respond to someone rudely because they treated me rudely, I turn on the smile and tell them to have a good day.  When my 9-year old wants me to lay with him at night before he dozes off, I do.  When I spill my entire cup of coffee with peppermint mocha creamer in it all over my bedside table, wall and carpet, I don’t panic and just clean it up.  When my husband asks me to join him on the porch for coffee, you better believe I’m there.  Even if Dancing With The Stars is on TV. We all have things in our lives that need to be adjusted.  What do you need to do different in your life to make sure you don’t miss the important?

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  1. Great post Cindy. What you are talking about is availability.Being available is dying to ourselves daily minute by minute, attentive to those teaching moments with our kids and putting our desires in the hands of our Lord. My biggest adjustment would have to be keeping habits from forming that hinder me from being used of God.

  2. I need to quit complaining about the bother of getting a Christmas tree that I am not even going to see. I need to not care that it will be beautifully decorated and in the living room where we spend no time, that only my FIL will really see it.

    I have been getting super better at the rest of the stuff. You Blog Friends have a way of making me see that it isn’t about me, it is about HIM. Less then a year with y’all and I am embarking on homeschooling. Who’d a thunk.

    Thank You! Y’all have no idea how much you have blessed me!

  3. Good post.

    What do I need to differently? Remember that my first and best friend is the Lord, so that when I’m dealing with others throughout the day, hopefully more of Him shines through. Sounds cliché, I know, but I am so sincere.

    Thanks for letting me stop by and share!

  4. My 4yr. old will sometimes talk for a good 30min non-stop only stopping to take a breath I ussually start to ‘uh huh’ him because I have no idea anymore what he is saying..He is so quite most of the time. Thank you for the reminder to take the time to listen! Needed this post today:)

  5. these thoughts run through my head on a daily basis friend. yes they do. *sigh*

    Dylan asks me EVERY SINGLE NIGHT to lay down with him and I never do b/c I figure it is his way of putting off sleep. Something I always feel torn about. Maybe tonight I will lay down with him.

  6. My dad when I was 19 as well. I know exactly what you are talking about! The teenage years can be rough. He died just as I was starting to realize what an incredible man I had for a dad. So, what do I need to do different? I need to make my no’s no’s…and not get sucked into activities that make absolutely no difference in a year.

  7. Cindy I love your blog. Today and yesterday really challenging for me. I am definitly trying to stop and give my full attention to my boys when they are asking. I also am trying to pray in the moment that God brings people and situations to my mind. i used to delay until my quiet time. Praying in the moment is bringing me into a closer reationship with God.
    Thanks for all you do.

  8. ” What do you need to do different in your life to make sure you don’t miss the important? ”

    what you do…more often. thanks girl. truly…thank you.

  9. I am sorry about your Dad…I understand too…I lost my Mom 10 days before my 5th birthday. It has had a huge impact on my life.

    I am so torn between my need to spend every moment with my family, having a hard time when they need to go away for a time and my need to have everything around me in order and perfect to feel like I can stay on top of things and function. I have such an internal struggle.

    You are such an inspiration…an amazing lady…God has blessed people deeply with you. Thanks for sharing.

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