My Heart, My Chapel

“I’m goin’ to church” is a phrase I’ve used more times than I can remember and to be quite honest, will probably continue to use it for the rest of my days.  Because let’s face it.  It sounds rather odd to say, “I am now going to the building where the pastor speaks and we sing songs to praise Jesus.” In my 38 years of living on this earth, I have heard numerous people share their spiritual woes with me.  Many are frustrated that they are in God’s waiting room and that He is just not moving fast enough for their taste.  There are those who just can’t seem to beat the demons who keep torturing them as they try to live their lives.  But probably the biggest group is the people who struggle with not feeling close to God. Maybe you’ve said it. Maybe you’ve said it today. Rest assured, just because you and I don’t always feel God’s presence or feel close to God doesn’t mean we are far from him.  Quite the contrary. Brother Lawrence, author of The Practice of the Presence of God, writes,
It isn’t necessary that we stay in church in order to remain in God’s presence.  We can make our heart a chapel where we can go anytime to talk to God privately.
We can make our heart a chapel, y’all. Have you ever heard anything so profound? I didn’t think so. Now go.  Have some church in that heart of yours.

18 thoughts on “My Heart, My Chapel”

  1. This is good. But, I still can’t get over that sweet Noah of yours. Seriously. I was thinking that story yesterday afternoon, and it prompted me to talk to my kids about it.

    Sorry. Nothing to do with today’s posts.

    But, I am picking myself up a copy of that book. Even if he does go by “Brother”.

  2. i was just thinking about this RIGHT BEFORE I READ THIS.(really!) Our creator knows what we need. i always get discouraged that i have ‘missed’ God in it, even when my spirit tells me He is right there.
    Thanks for sharing this…

  3. Cindy, even on those days when I feel closest than ever to Him I am still never close enough. I think He loves the fact that we’re never satisfied with our relationship with Him, that we are always wanting more.

  4. I love this, Cindy. And AMEN to Robin’s comment!

    He will NEVER leave me nor forsake me. NEVER means NEVER.

    Many years ago I read something that profoundly changed the way I think about my relationship with God:

    “We are all as close to God as we want to be.”

    And oh, I want to rest my head on His chest regularly.

  5. Pastor Larry Lee said something in one of his books many years ago that went something like this “you know it in your knower.” In other words, you know what you know and there’s no one or no circumstance that will make you doubt it.

    Well, it’s at times we don’t feel the presence of God when we must know God loves and cares for us.

  6. Cindy,
    Thank you for your sweet email!!! I blogged this morning and read your entry shortly afterward. It was the perfect answer/medicine that I needed. : ) Thanks Again!!

  7. I am so glad I just read this. Just got off the phone with my sister and she revealed to me something horrible that happened to my niece. I am still emotional for my niece but know God is surrounding her.

  8. To some, you have just professed a blasphemy! Don’t need to go to church!!?? Are you crazy!? You have to, or you will go to hell. right? :>(

  9. I vividly remember reading Brother Lawrence’s book “Practicing the Presence of God”. It was paradigm shifting! But I read the book 15 years ago and your post was a great reminder to truly make my heart a chapel. I needed that!

  10. This is good stuff. Seriously. I think one of your HUGE gifts is encouragement. Becuase I always leave your blog feeling lifted up. I wanta be just like you when I grow up!….I think I’ve said that before. 😉

  11. Like I say on my blog my beach here in San Diego becaomes my church.

    Because on my beach… I pour my heart out to Him. It’s my private worship services.

    I love this … so love this.

    my heart, my chapel..

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