25 thoughts on “My First Poll”

  1. Cindy you must take a look at this blog

    It is a sad story but one that must be read. Look at the right side column for “if you haven’t been here before”
    Read that and you will see how amazing Matt truly is. His family is in my prayers daily.
    I must warn you however he likes to swear ALOT but I think under his circumstances he is allowed too.
    Let me know what you think.

  2. thepioneerwoman.com – great site for photography and cooking – with great stories about a great family ranch along the way

  3. http://www.thepioneerwoman.com

    amazing food. amazing pictures. 😆 and the kids are cute. But really, I go for the food. oh the food!

    my other daily musts though are ones I think you already read…


    Those are the ones I check first thing in the morning. Then throughout the day I do the rest. But Pioneer Woman is MUST as well. Oh how I love her!

  4. how how how do you answer this question, cindy.

    i read you
    then my friend annie (www.annieblogs.com).

    and then sometime, somewhere else in the day i read everyone else.

  5. i always love pioneer woman. she just makes me smile and has branched off in so many areas, so keeps it fresh.

    i also love angie’s blog about her journey with audrey caroline. she’s an inspiration!

  6. Well, apparently I am not alone in my love of pioneer woman. 🙂

    And, it is not for everyone as there is a lot of material that folks would/could object to, but I also enjoy postsecret.blogspot.com.

    As for ministry blogs, I find swerve.lifechurch.tv the most helpful.

  7. I don’t yet know that I would consider this a “must-read” blog, but there is a new believer who just started a blog that I think you might find interesting.


    I’m not sure, but I think she MIGHT have found my blog through the “sunrise” tag/category/link/something/orother/whatever because I’m always “seeking sunrise through the storms.”

    So…please stop in and say to our newly adopted sibling! 😀

  8. my first thought is the audreycaroline blog, listed above…

    but i’ve gotta honestly say i don’t read it often these days. it’s too much for me!
    my heart can’t take it right now.

  9. The audrycaroline is good, but oh my gosh, it’s just too much sometimes. I can’t handle the sadness.

    A good one that isn’t sad http://www.pioneerwoman.com She’s a city girl living in the country. Did I say country I meant farm!

    Oh and of course I think mine’s a good site. 😉

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