My First Nasty Comment

People, there were 4-letter words and 5-letter words and 3-letter words that I’d never even seen before. Not really, but they were bad. Very bad. So, I decided to “manage” my comments by saying that a comment could not be posted if it had certain words in it. So, here I am, pastor’s wife and all, writing all sorts of cuss words in the little box they gave me. I felt kinda dirty. Then, after I did that, it started monitoring everything…even the clean, nice you are a blessing to me comments. Couldn’t have that. So, I deleted the cuss words. But from here on out, if you should see some comments that are nasty and cussing in nature, just tell me. Cuz, while I won’t faint or pass out when I read those words, I’d actually prefer that my retinas not set sight on them. I’m just sayin’.

9 thoughts on “My First Nasty Comment”

  1. those suck…we decided never to moderate but then again we don’t really have a homeroom-mom blog…no offense intended.

    i’d be interested in the post though…i’m into forensics.

  2. Oh for heavens sake….WHY on earth would anyone leave YOU a nasty comment??! Sorry about that! Have a Happy Memorial Day! 🙂

  3. i’m with Kari – WHY would someone (i’m assuming not spam) blast you, you sweet thang????????

    ps: does this mean that the family-friendly “@&*#$”-coded comments are ok? 😉 hehehe!

  4. funny (and sad). i had to type all those words in my email…i did feel bad typing them even if it was to avoid reading them later.

  5. You guys are too sweet. I am pretty sure the comment was spam but somehow made it through to the normal comments because there were no URL’s and links in it like normal spam. There was no message behind it directed at me. It was just a lot of nonsense. Nonetheless, I did not like it.

  6. Cindy, I haven’t had this unfortunate experience but the other day I was asking myself if I should put some words in that little box. I just couldn’t bring myself to type them. Isn’t it sad that we have to stoop to do that to protect ourselves and others?

  7. i had one of those in moderation once and i was so glad it caught it. it was weird, like 4 or 5 words sentences one after the other and was super long. Crazy!

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