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So, I’ve got a new addiction lately. Blogs. My blogroll is an interesting group. There are plenty more blogs that I read, however, listing all of them would just be craziness. I will, however, give a “shout out” to the others I read. Today, I’d like to give a “holla” to the ones I’ve got listed. Check ’em out. Aaron Havens: Great guy. He totally loves Jesus. Good thought-provoking stuff. Abbi Zeliff: Tremendous way with words. She paints a picture that I can always see in my mind. Anna Meadows: Firecracker. She’s a budding leader in our LC organization and is going to take us all by storm. Big Is The New Small: Scott Williams’ blog. Or as Seth likes to call him, “Uncle Scott.” He pushes the envelope with his blog and gets a lot of people conversing about things many won’t talk about. Boomama: Don’t know her personally, but this chick is absolutely one of the funniest writers I’ve ever come across. And she’s very southern. VERY. Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife: I resonate with this woman although I’ve never met her. She’s very wise and has a way with words. Deeper Still: My friend, Shanna Crawford, writes here. All I can say is that this girl LOVES Jesus and you can tell she’s been with him. Flower Dust: Anne Jackson writes things that I have in my head but can’t seem to put them on paper. I think she’s my twin 10 years removed. JabberFrog: Gee-NAH is my gurrrrrrl. The woman has some serious wit about her. Clever as all get out. LifeChurch.tv: My church. It’s the bomb. Sorry, I know that’s so 1990’s, but that’s all I got. Little Bits of Life: My “when the weather is nice outside” walking partner, Robin Storch. She’s a hoot. And writes well. And has great stories. Living Proof Ministries: Beth Moore writes here with her daughter, Amanda. It just blesses my heart. And the girls can write. Love me some good writin’ and I always hear a little somethin’ from JC. Beth’s been a mentor to me for over a decade although she doesn’t know it. Still hopin’ for a Starbucks with her some day 🙂 Lovely Pearls: Libby Myrin is a mathematical brainiac who can write her pants off. There’s a pastor in her waiting to get out. Many Meadows: Robin Meadows (mother of Anna, above, and six more!) is plain and simple one of the most encouraging woman in my life. She pours into me through her posts. I’m a better mother because of her. Natalie Witcher: Love her to pieces. Adorable. Funny. Witty. Great writer AND published author. Woo hoo. She’s amazing. Project 3One: My “I could spend seven hours with you and not get sick of you” friend, Sarah McLean. She’s a breast cancer survivor and lives to help others do more than just survive, but to thrive. This is her non-profit and God’s all over it. Pursuing Simplicity: Another blog friend I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting. She’s got some wonderful household hints on her blog and just some overall great stories. Swerve: Craig Groeschel and Bobby Gruenewald write here. Their stuff challenges me and gets me to thinkin’. Craig is the Senior Pastor and Bobby is the Innovation Pastor at my church. They also happen to be my husband’s bosses. I love you Craig and Bobby 🙂 Terry Storch: The best dressed Digerati you’ll ever see. He writes about jQuery and MooTools and how we’ve moved from Expression Engine to Codelgniter. That really just says “blah, blah, blah” to me since I’d rather get a an email indicating all the current sales at Kirkland’s. However, I’m so glad he is or LC would be hurtin’. He does post about his girls from time to time and I like that. Plus, he’s got really cool hair and he and my hubby are accountability partners. His wife is the Little Bits of Life gal. The Chris Rogers: Chris leads worship at our Wellington, Florida campus. He’s so very cool and can really lead a room of people to see Jesus in a new light. I certainly did during our December Event. You go, boy-ee. Again, stuck in the 90’s. Unsystematic: My fellow thick sister, Keri Austin. Wife of Trent…worship leader guru. You will quickly dismiss the grammar errors or misspellings because her quick wit will charm you to pieces. I’m just sayin’, Keri. Unveiling Hope: Another person on my blogroll whom I haven’t had the privilege of meeting. I’m so impressed with not only what comes from her heart but how she eloquently puts it into the written word. We seem to have a kindred spirit and she’s all the way in Canada! She’s got a gift. Click on their blog names to the right to go to their sites.

14 thoughts on “Link Love”

  1. Hey, thanks! Your words mean a lot, girl.

    This blogging is great, huh? I think we need to have a blogging party!

  2. Cindy,
    Thanks so much for the link love! It means so much to me! I understand your addiction….I have to read your blog every morning when I get up! I love this medium. It has helped to stretch me in my faith and to find those that are all so different but have one great common denominator Christ Jesus!
    Thanks Girl!

  3. You’re so sweet and your words are ALWAYS so encouraging. Love your blog and I’ve been checking out your blogroll over the last couple of weeks, now to make the time to read them all. Often times, when reading other peoples blogs I feel as if I’m sitting in church with my family. Absolutely love it and cherish those times. 🙂

  4. I too have become addicted to reading blogs. Thanks to yours and others I have found awesome women of faith and family. I don’t believe that any of you will ever know the true impact that you girls and guys have on people’s lives. It is awesome to get encouragement from you all without having to fly around the world. We may not know eachother but you are all my siblings in Christ. Thank You soooooo Much!!

  5. To be on this page is an honor! Thanks for the consideration…however I think its all because of my amazing wife! She is the reason I am getting link love… 🙂

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