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I deleted everyone on my blogroll page today. Sure did. But not cuz I’m mean.  Cuz I am CERTAINLY NOT.  If you’ve never met me, just ask Natalie or Robin or Kim or Robin or a few others.  Been thinkin’ that I would like to put y’all on my blogroll.  I read lots of blogs.  Lots.  But, I would like to read some of the blogs from you people WHO I NEVER KNOW ARE ACTUALLY READING MY BLOG SINCE YOU NEVER COMMENT. Not bitter. So, leave your blog address in a comment and I’ll give you some link love.  Not that you need my link love but link love is link love even if it’s from a gal who lives in windy Oklahoma. I’m just sayin’. 

69 thoughts on “My Blogroll Page”

  1. and, just so you know, this “bold” move of yours might’ve secured my spot as TOP CHOICE on Sarah Markley’s “bloggers i wanna meet” list.

    next time, think before you act.
    i’m just sayin’

  2. Not many guys on the list. There should be more. Maybe there are and they are scared?

    You are on my everyday list. I am praying about my on blog, maybe this fall or early 09.

    Proud of you.


  3. alright, alright so now I feel convicted! I am a loyal reader and a terribly unfaithful commentor. Thanks for calling me out!

  4. Hi! I found your blog via Anna Meadows. I’m fairly new to this blogging stuff. Just started this summer. We’ve met once a few years ago. I went on a mission trip to Costa Rica with your hubby. He talked about his amazing wife, but I had no idea… =) Thanks for the laughs, thought-provoking insights, etc. Your blog is one of my faves.

  5. I love reading your blog. You have such a way with words. How is that some people can just attract readers without even trying? I started my blog to journal what I was learning in life, but it has become a lot of keeping my long distance family updated on my kids, posting pictures, etc. Occasionally I learn something new and try to post, but the brain is in slow motion these days.
    thanks for sharing your life. the advice and the humor is greatly enjoyed by many!! My google reader is the best.

  6. I read all the time and I think I have commented once. I go to Cross Timbers and found your blog from all the blog friends you have from my church. I have read almost all of your book and I am blown away by your courage to share your story!!

  7. Hi there! I read once a long time ago and was so blessed by your story. I finally found my way back to your blog, and I am so glad I did. We are visiting Life Church in Tulsa tonight, and I am looking forward to it.

  8. Hello sweet Cindy! I LOVE your blog! I can hear your voice talking as I read it!!!! You are so funny!!! I check it a lot but never comment! sorry!!!

  9. still reading, still commenting. and since you are on my blogroll i’m sure i’ve sent you thousands of my readers!! (or 3)


  10. So I’ll just pull out the old handy-dandy, faithful, favorite excuse of mine . . . “I have 5 kids so of course I only have time to lurk and not comment . . .” 🙂

    I did, however, comment on your wonderful story. I read every chapter with tears and a renewed appreciation for what the God of All Creation is capable of doing in our lives. I stand amazed AND I keep your story in my virtual “back pocket” because I know that I will be able to share it one day so that someone else can know His miracles. It’s one thing to be told that God can “fix” any relationship struggle. It is another thing – entirely – to witness Him doing so in another’s life. THAT, my friend, is what you have given the world within the pages of your book. (or what SHOULD be a book:)

    (…and, welcome to the Internet Cafe. I am so excited that you’ve joined the party!)


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