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At 9:57 this morning Noah will be exactly nine years old. I’ll never forget the day I took not one, but TWO, pregnancy tests. I was in shock simply because it took nearly four years to see that extra pink line. We had longed for his presence for so long. And finally…our promise was in the making. I sometimes think back to those years of waiting and what Chris and I learned. As they old saying goes, Hindsight is 20/20. That is true in our case. It all makes sense why we didn’t have him sooner. Although those nearly four years of waiting and praying and waiting and praying came close to breaking my heart, they did not. In fact, I can tell you that season is the only season I didn’t doubt God. I still hurt, but I knew deep down in the deepest parts of me that God’s plan was and is far better than anything I could construct. My friend, Robin Meadows, teaches her children that patience is waiting without complaining. Pretty perfect description of patience, wouldn’t you agree? So, what are you waiting on? Are you complaining in the midst? As my mentor always says, “If nothing ever changes, what are you gonna do?” Something to think about…

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  1. Hey…thanks for the linkup. It’s great to be called your friend!

    Love your mentor’s thoughts….think she has any room in her schedule to mentor me? ; )

    Happy birthday to Noah! Enjoy your day of sweet memories with him.

  2. Waiting… I feel as if I’m an expert! LOL. My life is one big waiting game… and if we’re honest all of us are waiting for what will not come on this earth. Complete fulfillment. That is only to be found at our true Home.

    I love talking, writing and thinking about waiting. It is in the waiting that I grow deeper roots with the Lord. Waiting is sweet. I’ve finally come to realize that.

    I love learning from you, Cindy Beall!

  3. I’m so fortunate that I have Godly people in my life who model this very thing all the time. I’m not even really waiting for anything because I know if it’s His will, it will certainly come to pass and if it’s not – then I don’t want any part of it. God is so GOOD! And … Happy Birthday Noah!

  4. Happy Birthday to your little man. Mine will be 9 on April 14 – I hate that he doesn’t seem so little anymore.
    I love love love the quote “patience is waiting without complaining”. This will most definetly be put into the vocabulary at our house.
    It truly is amazing how when things are revealed in “Gods time” that is truly the best time.

  5. YAY!! Happy 9th Noah!!! LOVE birthdays!!! I made homemade Oreos…I’ll have to send one home for him! 🙂

    “Waiting” has been a struggle my whole life. I’ve always looked forward to the future at the sacrifice of the present. I know I was born to be a wife and mom, but that’s not a ‘profession’ I can pursue on my own (I’m just sayin’). So…bring on the waiting.

    It gets easier to wait if I recognize “God knows I’m not quite ready yet. If He so chooses, He’ll bring me the desires of my heart when I’m ready.” and then focus on chasing after Him in order to better myself in the meantime.

    P.S. Isn’t Robin Meadows wise?! Love her. 🙂

  6. You know those little gremlins on the Mucinex commercials?…I’m waiting on those banchies to pack their bags and take up residence in someone else’s chest…

  7. Thanks for this timely post. Our first pregnancy happened so quickly, but ended at 11 weeks. That was 6 months ago. Waiting for that second pink line to come again is hard. I’m trusting God, but dealing with emotions are what makes it so difficult… for me, anyway.

  8. ok so I too am lovin ‘patience is waiting without complaining’ that is so awesome! we are not where we would like to be finacially meaning debt free. however we are doing something about it sometimes the waiting is hard therefore we complain. thank you for the new outlook today!

  9. love the quote, my wife and I had the same issue with our now 9 year old. Was there something in the water back then? It is amazing how “in God’s time” is so much better than “our time”

  10. Happy Birthday Mighty Man of GOD!
    May your day be blessed and may each of you make special family memories on this most special day!
    (Yikes! Are you really nine? Where has the time gone?)
    (Be extra nice to Mom, Dad and brother showing GOD that you are thankful for them in your life!)

  11. Happy Birthday Noah, that’s exciting! Patience is something that I have a hard time with, at times a really hard time. That was a lot of “times” 🙂 Anyways, thanks for putting it in perspective for me. That is something that I will be sure to think about next time I find myself becoming impatient and complaining.

  12. He is a doll! I recently had to lay the dream of having babies the good ole’ fashioned way down. God is still God. I still love Him and trust His plan for my life.

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