My #1 Son

I knew he was a boy before he was born. Not because I had some fancy schmancy ultrasound that showed his “parts”.  Not because his heartbeat was incredibly rapid.  Not because I was carrying him lower than those whose in utero pictures showed females. I knew because I just knew. And on that February morning in 1999 after 9 hours of labor, I learned what was already in my heart. I’ve grown to not only adore, but become equally enamored with my firstborn son.  There are certain aspects of his personality that don’t always jive with mine.  It often annoys me that his finicky nature prevents him from trying the dishes I make.  The fact that he will leave every light on upstairs all day long makes my German blood start to boil. Aside from that, aside from those things that won’t even cause me to think twice ten years from now, I am so thankful to be the woman in his life.  You have no idea the joy I receive from this role as Noah Beall’s mom.  I could tell you but wouldn’t be able to get it all down and still get anything accomplished in my day.  But here are a few… I love the tenderness in my son.  I don’t have to ask him to think of how others might feel.  He just does it.  It’s who he is.  He doesn’t want to hurt anyone. I love the honesty coursing through his veins.  The fact that he confesses to things before I’m even aware they’ve happened touches me.  It shows me that I’ve got a young man with a very sensitive heart that is tender to the Spirit’s prompting. I love that he doesn’t mind getting dirty, prefers the outdoors and actually enjoys things that crawl.  Ewww.  He’s in touch with his manly side but the tenderness comes out when he wants to nurture every critter than comes across his path. He’s all boy and yet not a typical boy.  He’s my tender warrior. So, to all you moms out there who think my little man would be a nice suitor for your daughters, I can totally understand you coming to that conclusion.  I am completely fine with arranged marriages 🙂 Just not yet.  He’s still my little boy. I am not finished loving on him.

2 thoughts on “My #1 Son”

  1. I think an arranged marriage between any of our children would prove awkward, but if I had a girl…

    I love being “the woman” in the house. Hope its lasts a long, long time. 😉

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