Mrs. Archuleta? Would Your Family Like To Come For Thanksgiving Dinner?

HOLY COW! He starts singin’ and I’m like, “nuh-uh.” I look over at Chris Beall and the man, Senor ENTJ, is removing tears from his handsome self. That little 17-year old Utah boy has somethin’. Chris says that when he sings, people stop and listen. Oh, the things that child can do with his voice. Now, while the Beall’s think that David Archuleta is quite the young man, we also have our eyes on few more. If Michael Johns had dropped the song just one key, it would have been better. He screeched just a tad but all in all, he’s really good and has a star factor about him. David Hernandez brought it. I’m a fan. He seemed incredibly comfortable on stage. I think the boy hit every note and then some. We cannot count out David Cook or Chikezie. Both had great performances and should make the top 12. (Wha?? Is this my first possible prediction?) Jason Castro was a little pitchy but I just like the boy. I’d like to see him lose the guitar, though. Robbie Carrico sang well. I don’t think he’s as much of a rocker as Dau-TREE but he’s still aw-ite. Danny Noriega was REALLY flat in his lower register but once he gets up in the higher notes, he’s good to go. Hello? Norweigan Cruise Lines? Oh, you need Jason Yeager back? (Did I say that out loud?) Simon was dead on this week. Jason has a great voice…he just can’t perform. Poor guy. I actually like his voice a lot. And Mr. Dawson’s Creek, aka Luke Menard, attempted quite a difficult song. He did a fair job but probably won’t last. Seemed a little on the nasal side. We predict these two guys will be going home this week. Song choice, song choice, song choice. It really is true, isn’t it? I mean, so many of the LAY-deez can really sing. However, when most of them did tonight, nothin’. I got nothin’. I felt nothin’. Nothin’. So, since I got nothin’, I’m just going to vocalize my O-pin-yon. The only performances of the night that even remotely entertained me were by Syesha Mercado and Brooke White. I really like Syesha. The judges weren’t fond of her song choice, but I actually liked it. I thought she showed some SERIOUS control. Brooke chose a great song and did a very nice job because well SHE IS CARLY SIMON MINUS THE GIGANTIC MOUTH. I’m just sayin’. Carly Smithson is a fine singer but I’m just not a huge fan of hers. They talk about her being so amazing but I think she’s a little on the nasal side. But what do I know? Another young lady who can throw some nice notes out there is Ramiele Malubay. The song this week seemed odd for her, though. Kristy Lee Cook might just make it to next week. She did better tonight but what was with that stance of hers? Sweet Oklahoman Alaina Whitaker was fair tonight. After hearing Kady Malloy’s bathroom opera, I hope she sticks around. I couldn’t figure that song out tonight for the life of me but I feel there is something there that will shock us all. Who are you Kady??? Poor little Asia’h Epperson has a unique sound to her but tonight was not her night. I’m fairly certain it’s time for Amanda Overmeyer to go home. Her performance tonight gave a new meaning to the word pitchy. Man, I don’t think she hit 5 notes right the entire song. I hate that for her. She’s unique but she just doesn’t have what it takes. Because well, I’m such a star myself and I know what it takes. Alexandrea Lushington really can sing but this week might be the end for her. Not sure, just a hunch. That’s it, folks. Are you liking the Beall rundown of AI? It’s kinda fun. Chris Beall wasn’t watching it with me tonight. He was sittin’ in a waiting room at a clinic. Come to find out, that cutie pitutti has strep throat. Say a prayer for him. And me…the caregiver 🙂

16 thoughts on “Mrs. Archuleta? Would Your Family Like To Come For Thanksgiving Dinner?”

  1. David Archuleta is the bomb! You do remember he is the young man that had lost his voice due to some sort of vocal chord trauma and they said he would never sing again? They did a big story on it during the his tryout round. I became a fan right then and there.

    Last night I cringed more than I enjoyed the girls. They were so pitchy and some were having a hard time connecting with the audience. My absolute favorite last night was Brooke! I was worried at first because the lower notes she lost a bit of control but man, she knocked it out of the ballpark. That was one of my favorite songs back in the day….I thought what Simon had to say was hilarious.

    I hope that David Hernandez, Michael Johns, David, and Chikezie continue on for quite some time. I can’t even watch Danny Ortega….he weirds me out. Can’t put my finger on it but I am ready for him to go home along with Jason Yeager, Luke and sorry, Robbie.

    I think Amanda is out of there. I really do not like Kady Malloy. She is another that I can’t put my finger on it but she bugs me like the beauty queen that tried out with her crown…they both do the same for me…grate on my nerves. I agree with you about Carly. She is not my fave.

    Keep it up girl, you are doing a great job. We do not have a dvr or tivo but we NEVER miss Idol. It is our favorite show. I am hoping that everyone gets their pitch problems worked out next week. This week was terrible for the ears.

  2. Alina Whitaker is a SWITCH student at the Tulsa campus! Woo hoo!

    I love American Idol. I don’t get to watch it very often, but I enjoyed the try outs!

    I’m sorry for Chris! I’ll be praying…

  3. I saw like 3 min. of the guys tues… I don’t have time for it…but i’ll side with you seeing as I couldn’t hit a note, or tell when someone else is. Sad day for Jessica, but I never will be an American Idol superstar!

  4. I think David will win! He’s got it! He won Star Search a few years back and has ALOT of experience in the industry and on stage! You can tell such a difference between those that are new to the stage and those that own it with confidence. Like anything, practice and experience with an audience can make or break you. I came to Nashville a LONG time ago for the singing thing …like everyone and their dog here and it was an eye opening adventure… You never realize how vulnerable you are until you are on the stage. I can’t IMAGINE 32 million people watching. I would be a quivering nightnare. I commend ALL of them for having the guts! But David will win…My Hunch!!

  5. OK Cindy. You got us hooked. We are at Switch on Wed nights, so we didn’t get to see the girls, but oh my! David Archuleta made that song into a new one! It was emotionally moving and a tear-jerker. And that SMILE of his! Amazing!

  6. I agree with your points. Syesha was a surprise, but I liked her smooth confidence and delivery. My favorite is Ramiele, but I didn’t like that song.

    My 9 year old picked David Archuleta out of the auditions, so he’s a household favorite. But so was Kevin Covais. 🙂
    David can not only sing, he’s edible!

    Rocker girl Amanda was not good tonight (and not my cup of tea evah!) and Danny Noriega just aggravates me! HOME!!

  7. Oh my goodness! I forgot to say my personal favorite is Jason Castro. I loved, loved him last week. We’d need to make a trip to the barber or shearer – I like long hair on the young fella’s but….not that mess. His “Day for a Daydream” is just precious!

  8. I agree…. I watched part of the girls last night. Liked Brooke but didn’t like the gal w/ Cruella Devill hair, although I’m sure she is a lovely young lady. 🙂

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed your commentary. And, though we’ve never met, your combined use of bold, caps, colors and italics makes it seem like you’re right here in the room just chattin’ away! I love it! In real life, I imagine you talk with your hands, too.

    Anyway, if you get the Archuletas to come over for Thanksgiving, can my two girls just sit on your porch and look through the window at him? There’s some serious crushin’ goin’ on in La Casa de Okie Redneck.

  10. First of all, you would love Dana. I’ve met her. And I love her!

    Secondly, I’m glad our dinner got moved to next week cuz I’m not such a fan of eating around people with strep. We’ll be praying for his fast recovery. Say, by next Thursday?

    Lastly, I guess I need to watch AI so I can know what the heck are talking about here.

  11. Speaking a DAUGHTREY….guess who is going to see him in April with Bon Jovi……..you guessed it…THE STARRS! That little David can sing…put Paula really pull it together…she bawled through the whole thing! I think it kind of creeped him out!

  12. I wasn’t able to watch this week (way too many other things pressing – really – who has time for TV?). Instead, we watched Hitchcock’s “The Birds” late last night, after dishes, baths and laundry. Bad idea (nightmares). Should have watched AI. =)

  13. What’s up with Amanda not getting the boot? Send our birthday wishes to Noah and wishes for a quick recover to Chris.

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