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Moving Halloween

Have you ever heard of such a thing? In my 40 years of life, I have never heard of any town try to move Halloween from one night to another. Now, I am not saying it hasn’t happened. I’m just saying that I don’t remember this ever being the case. Halloween is October 31st…EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR, folks. My town has tried to get everyone on the bandwagon to move Halloween from Sunday night to Saturday night this year. Why? Is it because it’s a school night? Is it because it’s “The Lord’s Day”? We don’t move our soccer games and practices from Sunday to Saturdays. We don’t close our stores on Sundays. We don’t stop our jobs on Sundays. We do plenty of other things on Sundays. Mainly the reason I’m annoyed by this is because now there are going to be two, count them, TWO nights that there will be trick or treaters come to my door. I’ve heard some say they are going to trick or treat on Saturday, some on Sunday and some BOTH nights! And y’all, momma ain’t made of money. Have you seen how expensive Halloween candy is these days? Geez Louise. So, I’m guessing I’ll do what my momma always does and just turn the lights off one of the nights, light a candle and hold a vigil in the back bedroom all the while yelling at my kids to “Hush, we don’t want them to hear us!” Question: Has your town ever tried to move Halloween?

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  1. I remember turning off the light….
    in the west we do the unthinkable, unpardonable….the Bible belt would condemn us to hell 🙂 we actually cancel our sunday evening church for Halloween! Seriously, can you believe it? The entire town shuts down, kids walk downtown (typically in a snow storm) and trick or treats…if we had church, the staff would literally be the only ones there…wishing we were downtown…

  2. I hear you, Cindy. Last Halloween was our first in Stillwater and we were dumbfounded that it was moved…not to the night before, but to TWO nights before. We went trick-or-treating on the 29TH because there was an OSU football game on the 31st and a high school football game on the 30th. I had never heard of such a thing.

  3. Here in my little part of the country (south central PA) we had trick-or-treat LAST NIGHT!! Yes, that’s right Oct. 27th. It’s been like that forever! I think it has something to do with police staffing ???? Strange right!

  4. My beef is this –

    “They that want to move it” cant argue that its a school night – it happens more on a school night than naught and its never moved.

    SOOOOO, I must conclude its because its on a Sunday – that somehow the Lord’s Day and Halloween are incompatible, which begs the question – If it cant be done on a Sunday, should it really be done at all?

    Now, I dont have an answer that I am not squeamish about on either side….I have Jesus on one and my little begging children on the other….

  5. I still don’t understand why the “largest christian country” insists in devoting a day to celebrate the evil… There is no way someone could convince me that there is any good in Halloween. It’s all about ugly, nasty, scary stuff that people wouldn’t usually let into their lives. Then why?

  6. Oct. 31st is Nevada Day. It is a state holiday, no school, etc. So in Reno they did move trick or treating to Oct 30th so that the kids would have all of Halloween to recover. It worked well. For me at least there was a good reason for it. Seemed to be more about the kids.

  7. Yes, my town just did it this year. We were not even aware of it and when we left to go trick-or-treating we were informed everyone did it the night before. My brother, 9 years old, was sobbing because he did not get to trick-or-treat. The only thing we could do for him on the actual Halloween night was to walk through Wal-Mart in his ghost costume. My boyfriend and I have been debating and he says that just because Sunday is ‘God’s Day’ Halloween should be moved should it occur on a Sunday. I think it ridiculous, because (like you said) Halloween is on the 31st of October EVERY YEAR. I totally agree and find this ludicrous.

  8. We had a long talk about this last night at a friend’s house… There was talk of moving it in our town, but it didn’t pass. Although, I *think* there were some Saturday night trick-or-treaters out there. either way, the whole conversation is crazy.

  9. I am always disappointed when a Christian bloger tries to justify evil, No Christian or church should be ‘celebrating’ halloween – we need to teach our children that EVERYTHING about halloween is evil – it’s about witches and wizards and all things evil that is celebrated. Teach your children GOD’s truth.

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