Monopoly…And I Don’t Mean The Game

Exclusive possession or control. You’ve been in Bible studies, small groups, teams at work with this person.  She’s the person people roll their eyes at when she arrives for the meeting.  He’s the guy who always has an answer and wants to make sure everyone else knows how smart he is.  They’re the people who don’t really listen because they’re busy coming up with their response that they’ll share in a 3-5 minute monologue. They monopolize situations. Are you this person? I have relationships with younger women in my life whom I mentor.  They asked me to mentor them because I’m older and they felt I could participate in their life in some way.  I’m honored that they’ve asked me and I take it very seriously.  However, I don’t like to be around people who always monopolize a conversation so I make sure I am not that person as I mentor.  And I do that in one way. I ask questions. I am sure the girls I mentor are probably tired of talking because I’m usually bombarding them with questions that are probably not on the forefront of their mind.  I do chime in and share my thoughts plenty because I know they want to hear them, but I definitely let them do more talking than me.  And when the time is appropriate, I jump in and say, “Let me tell you what I think about this…” And they listen.  Because I’ve earned it. If you want to have healthy relationships, don’t always do the talking.  Let others.  Be a student of them and learn how they work.

15 thoughts on “Monopoly…And I Don’t Mean The Game”

  1. …see… I like to hear myself talk.

    That’s probably one of the many reasons I blog–since I also like to see myself type [smile].

    Good reminder. And, honestly, I think I’m fairly good in this area since people tell me I’m a good listener… but I can see how I could get out of hand pretty quickly, especially when I’m passionate about something [smile].


  2. This is good! I love to talk. Over the years I have learned this from my husband Tim. He has never told me not to talk. I have learned this by watching him. When Tim speaks people listen. (because he doesnt talk a lot, and when he does its good!)

  3. I think I blog because I can say all those that nobody else probably want to listen to…LOL. However I am going to try and spend alot less time talking and more time listening. Great post!!!

  4. There’s another close relation to Mr or Ms Monopolize and that’s Mr or Ms “I gotta be right”. That’s a real conversation killer before it even gets started.

    But I’ve got the opposite problem… I’m mentoring 3 college girls right now, and they come over so amped about homecooked food that I can’t get them to focus. The chatter is energizing and exhausting all at the same time!

  6. This is very true , Cindy. You are really wise. I like this one. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. i want to hear more. Oopss…. read more, I mean. Lol.

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