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I know sometimes that I can make your brains hurt with what I write.  Not because I’m some genius with a high intelligence quotient or anything like that.  Although I just might have one… Anywho…that was for you, Tony Steward. I thought I would share some things about myself that you might find absolutely ridiculous or interesting.  You might even feel you’ve wasted your time reading this post!  But, I am going to do it anyway.  Because I roll that way, I really do.
Tidbit #1:  I always go to the bathroom before I go to bed.  I was taught to do that as a child and I still do it today.  ALWAYS. Tidbit #2:  During flip-flop season, you will always see my toes done.  And I do them myself, thankyousokindly. Tidbit #3:  I have to put the silverware in the dishwasher with the handles up.  I can’t go grabbin’ the eating part when they are clean.  Utensils down, people!
Now come on.  Give me something mindless or ridiculous or embarrassing about you.  I’d like to see ALL of you share something. Even you, Momma.

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  1. Okay. I’ll bite first.

    1) I do NOT LIKE wearing socks and shoes. That was, perhaps, the only thing I liked about living in FL…I went barefoot about 355 days out of the year.

    2) I can’t stand a dirty stove. I clean my stovetop, the stove pans, and even lift up the top and clean under it nearly every day…and I buy new stovepans when the old ones can’t be cleaned anymore about twice/year. (I wish I kept the rest of the house as clean as I keep my stove!)

    3) I can’t sleep in an un-made bed. But I rarely manage to make the bed in the morning. So at night, my usual routine is to get my pajamas on, and then make the bed as my husband stands there waiting and laughing, so finally I can crawl into bed. And if the sheets come loose or get too tangled up in the middle of the night, it wakes me up…so I have to at least re-make my side before I can fall back to sleep.


  2. 1. I HAVE to wet both of my hands if I wet one of them. So if I brush my teeth and one hand gets wet, the other one has to be wet before I finish. It’s rather random.

    2. If I wake up in the middle of the night at any point, or get out of bed at any point, I have to switch sides to lay back down.

    3. Earrings are an important part of my day. If I forget to put them on, I feel strange!! I blame a friend of mine who said once that people treat you with more respect if you wear earrings…apparently there was a study done on this topic.

    Oh and I must have my toenails painted to wear open toe shoes also! I do mine myself too! 🙂

  3. Amen on #3!!!!

    I don’t know about three things about me, but one is that there really is a right and wrong way to load a dishwasher!!!!

  4. This may make me sound a little OCD and I am aware of that. I really am normal in other ways. (I think?)
    #1) when I eat, I eat one item at a time and then turn my plate so the next food is right in front of me.
    #2) when running errands, if I can drive there and back by making a square, it pleases me.
    #3) You will not ever see me without toenail polish. Ever. And I do my own as well.

  5. I’m a mixer when it comes to food; peas go into the mashed potatoes along with the steak, chips are added to the soup, I eat my spaghetti rice on homemade wheat-free garlic bread (when it’s available)… and on and on.

    I drink from the faucet. …my wife hates that, but has resigned herself to the fact that our children will likely grow up with the same awesome trait that daddy has [smile].

    Bedtime is at 10pm. And it frustrates me when that doesn’t happen.


  6. I bite the index finger on my right hand when I get angry.

    If I am watching a movie on TV and they start singing a song or dancing I change the channel.

    I must have a glass of ice water by my bed every night even though I rarely drink any of it.

  7. Ok ok doing the happy dance about #3. My husband is OCD (not literally, but I like to make him think he is) about the dishwasher. You just gave me one that will give me a point up in the endless “what is the RIGHT way to load the dishwasher” battle.

    #1 Hate things left undone. Mail unopened, laundry not complete, email unanswered, list not completely checked off. It stresses me out to know that there are things left to be done.

    #2 I have little cartoons that run through my head about how I could have handled different situations. (ie the rude cashier at Walmart, the crazy lady who stole my parking spot) the cartoons normally resemble The Office or some other sitcom. I guess I do this because in reality I couldn’t climb across the counter and “go spider monkey on someone”.

    Ok I’ll stop. I am sure that is way to much! 🙂

  8. I HAVE to wet my hands before I put soap on them. It grosses me out to put soap on dry hands, eww! Same with my toothbrush…I have to wet it before I put toothpaste on it!

    And I agree with you on the way silverware goes in the dishwasher! I used to have a roommate that put the handles down and I always managed to get stabbed with the fork prongs when I reached in. Not fun.

  9. I take all my jewelry off when I get home for the day. If I have to leave the house again I have to put my Cross back on. I have turned around and gone back to the house to get it.

    I don’t like my food touching and if I notice that it does I fix it.

    My toothbrush doesn’t sit on a counter. I have to put it away in a drawer so that it doesn’t get stuff on it. If I am traveling and there isn’t a drawer I keep it in the travel case.

    All closet doors and drawers need to be closed when not in use. Yes I am scared of the Closet Monster. 🙂

  10. Okay –
    1. I spit a lot when I brush my teeth. I was told that once by someone and now am very conscious of it. Ha Ha

    2. I don’t like closed doors. Have to open them and see what’s behind them.

    3. If I need to remember something and I’m not near pen and paper, I turn my ring around backwards to remind me.

  11. Dishwasher-Forks go down (to prevent stabbing), spoons go up (to avoid spotting), knives are thrown in randomly to prevent spooning and/or forking. And always sterilize your hands before unloading.

    Toilet paper-Over the roll means you love Jesus, under the roll means you should be flicked…hard.

    There IS a difference between Diet Coke and caffeine free diet coke. You can’t fool me. You just can’t.

  12. I dont wash my hair everyday.

    I cant even tell a white lie. (if you ask me if you look bad I will tell the truth) This can be bad. ha ha

    When turning the music up in the car, I cant stop on an odd number=)

  13. I hate it when cabinet doors are left open!! I have been this way since I was a kid. They have to be closed!

    I also put the utensils down in the dishwasher. Cindy, I am with you, I don’t want to touch the clean utensils and I never wanted the girls to hurt themselves on a knife.

    The toilet paper has to come of the roll from the top! I have been know to change people’s paper while using their bathroom. (If you have wondered how your paper got changed, it was probably me, sorry)

  14. I change toilet paper rolls when the paper is not rolling from the top… too hard to grab when rolling from the bottom as it is clinging the wall. 🙂

  15. I, too, go to the bathroom right before bed. But also, if I wake up in the middle of the night I get up and go to the bathroom, even if I don’t have to. If not, then I will lay there awake and convince myself that I have to go. It’s annoying.

  16. These are things my husband has pointed out to me that he thinks is funny:

    1) The wash rags and towels have to be folded a certain way and when they are not, I unfold them and re-fold them before I can use them.

    2) I have to sleep with ear plugs and sound machine every night. This is mainly because he snores but he thinks I am crazy.

    3) Everything in my house has a place and when its out of place I have to fix it. He will randomly move things out of place just to drive me crazy. Rude!

  17. i have to go to bed in a “made-up” bed. if it wasn’t made in the morning, i will make it up right before i crawl into it. nothin’ worse than a knot of sheets at my feet.

  18. Melissa Brown made me laugh.

    I’m not quite as quirky. Although, I used to count backwards from 30 when I ran. I don’t run anymore, so that solved that. Now, I won’t let the volume on my television stop on the number 6 nor will I allow a total of 6 e-mails in my inbox.

    Maybe, I am a bit quirky.

  19. I always clean the make-up off my face before I go to bed.
    also roll tp from the bottom-my mother did it so I have to.

  20. 1) I alphabetize my spices and label all the tops of them so they are easy to see (yes, I’m OCD like that, and it appears so are 99% of your blog readers!)

    2) I cannot cook if I don’t have a recipe. And when I do have a recipe, I follow it to a tee. Every last line. I even use a recipe to make hard-boiled eggs and scrambled eggs. I’m all about doing things right. (I need help! ;))

    3) I do everything in the shower in the exact same order and also at bedtime. I never go to bed without lotion on my hands and chapstick on my lips.

  21. 1. I cannot leave the house unless the bed is made.
    2. I cannot go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink – I don’t have a dishwasher so I have to wash them myself.
    3. It creeps me out when the closet door is open when I go to bed – my husband always laughs at me about this but he will close the door for me just in case there really is a closet monster lurking inside!

  22. Icannot leave the house without it being clean and neat. Years of mom saying, “you never know who’s coming to your home” she would say. Definitely no trash in the house, it stinks.

    Can’t leave without opening blinds, need sunlight.

    If I come home after dark I check all closets and yes even the showers. Of course a thief is waiting for me to get home so he can jump out of the shower!

    Obviously, this is just the beginning of my list. I think I’ve said enough!

  23. 1. I have a weird thing about my keys. I check double check & triple check to make sure I have my keys with me when I get out of the car. even if someone else drives my car I make them show me the keys before they shut the door. I’ve never locked my keys in the car so I don’t know why this bothers me.
    2. it really bothers me if I miss the previews when I go to the movies- we don’t go that often & the previews have always been my favorite part
    3. when I am working on a creative project I am extremely anal & like it perfect. and it makes my skin crawl if its not. I’m known to redo it if its not just right. ex. the other night I was hemming my sons baseball pants & the stich wasn’t straight oh how I wanted to redo it & had to just tell my self they are just baseball pants!

  24. When I get really anxious, I clean the house like a mad woman. I think if Jesus returns I really don’t want people coming into my home saying, “Wow, those Christian people are total slobs…gross!” I think that is one of my strongest insecurities because I am a chronic important document PILER…piles all over the house (nothing sticky, smellly, or dirty; only papers) oooh it really bugs my Beloved.

  25. 1. i have to have things alphebitized whether its spiced, cds on the rack, even documents on the pc

    2. i hate looking at myself w/out clothes, but like to show off my body (working out of course!) when possible

    3. it irritates me to no end when a person uses the microwave and stops the timer before the time ends, but instead of hitting “stop” again to clear the time the person leaves the few remaining seconds on the timer.

  26. i flare my nostrils when im washing dishes. but only when im doing dishes. dunno why. just do. then my nose gets all tired.

  27. And I thought I was the only one who would make the bed just before getting in if it wasn’t done.

    I love that “square path” errands thing, Melissa! Mine is that I NEVER EVER “go back” once I get in the car. If I forget something, too bad, we’re not going back!

    I also have a thing about light. I run myself crazy opening blinds in the morning and closing them at night. And I am a fanatic about replacing bulbs. Halogens are the Best!

  28. 1. I count things in my head… number of steps I climb, seconds that pass by for random things to occur, syllables in a sentance, bricks on a wall, steps I take between lines in the sidewalk, etc.

    2. I love to watch info-mercials! Anything but “systems” to make money/get rich. (By the way, we don’t have cable TV)

    3. If I haven’t had a gallon of water to drink by the end of each day, I’ll gulp down a glass or two before bed. But I almost always have had a gallon.

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