Mentoring – Part 3

I’m of the mindset that we should have three levels of earthly relationships: (1) Those who are ahead of us, (2) those who are beside us and (3) those who may be a step behind us. I have already mentioned that I mentor several gals. I also have a handful of women who I consider my peers. These women encourage me and build me up and I do the same for them. We share our hurts and fears with one another. It is a give and take situation. Then, there are a select few who pour into me. Some of them don’t even know me like Beth Moore. The others are ladies I’ve met at church who have such healthy lives that honor Christ that I can’t help but want to learn from them and hear the counsel they suggest. If you are missing out on the blessing of peers, seek them out. If you don’t have a mentor, find one. If you aren’t mentoring one person, consider it. One of the greatest blessings that I have found in mentoring is that some of the gals I mentor have actually become peers. Oh, they know they can still ask me for guidance and advice when things arise, but, in a sense, they have graduated. Not that they have arrived by any means, but my guiding role in their life has drastically changed. As it should. My passion for mentoring grew out of a void in my personal life. I grew up involved in church and have known Christ as my Savior for as long as I can remember. However, he wasn’t always my Lord. I ran my life the way I wanted to for a while in my teenage years. Going off to college certainly changed that. Shortly after finding my first mentor, I knew this was how I was wired. Whatever it is you are passionate about and feel completely wired to do, dive in. You may not feel completely capable at this role. I certainly don’t. But somehow…God, in His miraculous wisdom, steers me as I make myself available to Him. Let Him steer you. He’s so good at it.

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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing that we can be mentored by people we don’t even know. I’ve been mentored by plenty like that–Beth Moore, Corrie ten Boom, Stasi Eldredge,…even John Bevere, and Donald Miller! My main mentor is my husband!!

  2. i just finished my discussion points for week one of a men’s discipleship class we’re kicking off.

    week one is on our relationship with god…my closing point is let god lead you from galatians 5…letting god lead us as opposed to getting in front of god and where that takes us.

  3. I’ve got all three as well. I’m glad God is in control and not me, otherwise I’d be all about me…wait…kinda am, but we’re workin’ on it! 🙂

    Seriously, I love sharing and loving on others and being loved by others. I still think, Cindy, when we get to heaven we need to track down Beth and sit and have a cup o coffee with her.

  4. Seriously. Love it. I am totally soaking in all you have to say. I’m glad I came across this! :o) I’ve been reading a lot of your old posts and sharing them with my roomate. I think this one is great. I’m challenged by the part when you said that if you are missing out on the blessing of peers, to seek them out.

    I find that so hard to do. I actually wrote a blog on needing to be connected and how people have lost connection. I feel like I use to be so good at connecting with others and having those friendships, but I guess life just deals you some crazy cards and we change? I do not know. But I do know that ever since I moved off to college, that is all I have been seeking. It’s crazy hard! hahah. oh well. :o) anyway. those are some random thoughts.

  5. I can’t sleep after being up with a sick baby, and once again your blog has comforted me! Thanks Cindy! You might not know it, but you mentor me over the internet!

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