Mentoring – Part 2

Here’s how it works for me… When a woman asks me to mentor her, my initial response is YES! I’d mentor everyone if I could. However, if I chose to do that, my family would suffer. I am sure of it. My love for writing and mentoring is the reason I began this blog. I can get a message across to a larger group at one time. So instead of agreeing to mentor each woman who asks, I pray. Clever, I know. And original. Some women I mentor through this blog. Others I mentor via emails and phone calls. My goal is to have a face-to-face with each of them once a month. Schedules conflict and that’s not always possible. But in some form or fashion, I get a message across. And I hope they are listening. The life group that Chris and I lead is filled with couples who’ve been married anywhere from one year to nearly three years. We are mentoring them, in a sense, even though we discuss various issues that don’t always pertain to marriage. I rarely have one-on-one meetings with the women by themselves since we meet twice a month as a group. But they know that I am only a phone call, email or text away when they need me. And these women have quite a hold of my heart. When I meet with a woman for the first time I ask one question: (1) What is it that you want to get from this relationship? This helps me to find out what it is they think I can offer them. And it’s at this point in the meeting that I tell them what I can realistically offer them. I let them know that I will give them my advice and counsel based upon what God’s Word says. I tell them that I will also be able to give them practical advice that I have learned by living on this earth. And I let them know that I expect them to contact me when they need me. I tell them that I can’t read minds 🙂 You may not be passionate about mentoring. That’s totally okay. There are things that you are passionate about that I am not. As I mentioned on Monday, we’re all wired differently. But, I will say that while we may not all be gifted as evangelists, we, as Christ followers, are all called to share Jesus with the world (1 Peter 3:15). I see mentoring the same way. I think it would be awesome if we could all pour into one person. Just one. You don’t have to mentor the city. Just one. Something to think about. I know you have something to offer someone else. I believe in you.

13 thoughts on “Mentoring – Part 2”

  1. I am passionate about mentoring!!!! I think the biggest thing I learned from this post is… to pray about mentoring people. I’m like you, and will mentor anyone who asks! It can really eat up my time and make me less effective when I’m spread too thin…

  2. I love that! Everyone could find someone to mentor & not all relationships look the same. I love the opportunity to pour into others lives, it gets me pumped! But sometimes I definitely feel like I should be spending time with the world, duh, I’m not supposed to…but if everyone did there would be that need.

  3. Most of us got here becasue someone took the time to mentor us. If not than I feel sorry that they had to do it on their own becasue it is much harder. I am trying to return the favor.
    OH and thanks for the link on the blogroll

  4. Well I am going to send your blog to a friend of mine who is struggling with her marriage right now and I KNOW your words will help her.
    Although I don’t always comment on your blog…I DO READ IT EVERYDAY!…cause you are so super SMART!

  5. i used to have a mentor.
    i used to be a mentor.
    now i have the chance to get back in the mentoring game.
    this post excites me about the prospect! thank you!

  6. I noticed that you mentioned mentoring women specifically.

    Some of us guys, while we may not necessarily look for a mentor, we may want to get a (christian) woman’s perspective on things especially somebody who has gone through and overcome certain things in life.

    While you cannot possibly be available all the time for this….it’d be something that would be great for us guys to occasionally have somebody to bounce ideas or to have a discussion on relationships (within certain boundaries of course).

  7. Cindy, love the comment about not being able to read minds. I try and express the importance of taking ownership of feelings and communicating them. Playing guessing games is dangerous and I find I rarely guess right so I just don’t play along.

  8. Sometimes our mentors can be younger than us too. :O) God is seriously giving some of the next generation wisdom that I didn’t even see the edge of at their age!

    Cindy, you always mentor and encourage – it is just who God made you!

  9. I agree with Kelsey and Sarah. Thank you for Mentoring through your blog. I really listen to what you say.

  10. I stumbled across your site today and have fallen in love with all that you have to say! I love that you can share your experiences on here with people. I bet you are helping people more than you realize.

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