Matt Giraud, I Will Buy Your Album

Tonight on American Idol, there are four contestants left.  Of the four remaining, I honestly think any of them could walk away with the title. But that’s just me.  What do I know? Last week’s performances were nothing short of spectacular.  In fact, in all of my years of watching AI, I think that was the first show where every performance was exceptional.  Yes, some were better than others, but all in all, wonderful.  I hope tonight holds a candle to last week. Kris Allen – The boy is a breath of fresh air.  Oh my, I will most certainly put him on my iPod.  His rendition last week brought tears to my hubby’s eyes, oh yes it did.  Moving.  And I bet that little wife of his was falling in love with him all over.  How dreamy. Allison Irraheta – I am still so impressed at her ability.  She barely turned 17 and man oh man, she’s got some chops on her.  Some might think it’s a little gruff and too intense.  Maybe it is some days, but stand back and watch the girl entertain.  She most certainly does that well. Matt Giraud – Adorable.  I love how he is always on the piano when they shows clips of all the Idols.  The boy has some serious talent.  I think I might enjoy going to one of his concerts one day.  And the way he goes into his falsetto?  uh-MAY-zing. Danny Gokey – Sweet Danny Gokey.  He’s been my fave all season long.  He’s believable, likeable, talented, adorable and seems to be a genuinely nice person.  He’s humbly confident and I like that about him.  He will win awards one day. Adam Lambert – I will say that one day I bet Adam will have the most amazing shows/concerts we’ll ever see.  The boy knows how to create drama and can certainly sing to match said drama.  Y’all, have you ever heard such a range and someone stay on key?  I think not.  While I may not have his album on my iPod one day, I appreciate his talent.  And he has a lot of it. While I think they are all talented, I think that the final showdown should be between Danny and Adam.  That doesn’t take anything away from Kris, because he is delightful.  But, Danny and Adam have been almost perfectly consistent and even improving from day one of this competition.  What I think doesn’t really matter since America is voting.  And as sure as I place the final two into the big night, the voters will once again choose whom they want.  And let’s face it.  Kris Allen’s smile, it is adorable. And y’all know it.  Even if you’re a guy, you know it. That is all. Rock on.

6 thoughts on “Matt Giraud, I Will Buy Your Album”

  1. I’m just glad to read that someone likes Matt. I have felt alone. I wouldn’t by Danny or Adam’s album. I’d buy Matt’s, Kris’ or Allison. I personally think Allison should take the title, but in the idol blog world you would think that a Danny/Adam finale is set in stone. I don’t vote, tho, so I guess I can’t really complain!

  2. I’m a HUGE Danny fan…love Kris…love Matt…like Adam! 🙂
    My 23 yr old daughter is a HUGE Matt fan and would love for him to serenade her anytime…anywhere! 🙂 I think any of the final 4 could win…but I do think it’ll come down to a Danny/Adam finale. I also think that since Adam was in the bottom 2 last week that his fans are going to vote like mad these last weeks…so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Adam won by a good margin…but ya never know.

  3. I love Kris Allen too. All my votes are going his direction. I am looking forward to a great night though. They are all pretty amazing. But I think Kris might be the only one that I would actually download. And I read that Daughtry will be performing Wed night so that might be the highlight of the week for me.

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