Master Sergeant David Moehring


I took this picture last summer while visiting North Carolina. The grown man you see is my older brother, David. His son, Preston, and Noah are with him. Just a few weeks after this picture was taken, my brother shipped off to Afghanistan and would remain there for six months. Being away from his family has been excruciatingly difficult for him as well as for his wife and children. We’ve done our best to keep up with him but it’s just not the same. He has longed to return home. I am pleased to tell you that he left Afghanistan TODAY and should be arriving in Kuwait very soon. We’ll know in the morning. Lord willing, he arrives back to North Carolina on Tuesday. And I couldn’t be more relieved. Celebrate the military with me…especially those serving away from their families. They sacrifice so much. More than I could ever imagine. I love you, David. I’m proud of you. Someone get a tissue for my mother.

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  1. Oh, Cindy (and Mom),

    I am SOOO happy for you both. I feel your pain and unrest. I know you both as well as his family is ecstatic! I pray God’s continued protection on him even after he is home!

    My s-i-l Jon, is in Iraq and hopefully will be stateside again the end of April and home by the end of May. We miss him so much. Here’s an article I wrote about him and his family.

    hope the link will work (if not it’s under my favorites)


    Thanks for your prayers for Jon, Erin and the boys.

  2. Cindy,
    I am so thrilled for your family! What a wonderful sacrifice your brother and others in the armed forces make for our freedom! Give him a hug and a huge thank you!

    My oldest son today told me that he would like to pursue the military. So this is very tender for me right now.

  3. Cindy, that’s awesome! God is good!

    also, thanks for your comments…check back, I just posted another, cuz I had too…you’ll understand.

  4. I am so happy for your family!

    My brother just left for Iraq. He has a wife, 1 year old and a baby due in March. He will be there 10 months.

    It’s hard huh?

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