March Madness, Baby

To the women who read my blog: You might care less about this post. Maybe not. I know there are other women who loves sports like I do. To the five or so menfolk who dare enter the cindybeall land, you might enjoy it.

I LOVE ME SOME COLLEGE SPORTS. More importantly, I love college basketball. More than likely you know by now that my beloved team is the one and only, Texas Longhorns. I’m a Texan tried and true and will love this team as long as my feet walk this earth. I know the fight song. I know that the tower on campus in Austin is lit up orange after a win because I’ve seen it MANY A TIME. I know Rick Barnes used to cuss like a sailor and throw down the Dr. Pepper. I know that Mac Brown has to be the most politically correct coach ever. I know that Matthew McConaughey is a die hard fan just like me. (His momma also lives in the same town as my momma does and my momma made his momma a name badge and they are practically best friends. I’m just sayin’.) I know lots of things about this college and its team. I’ll be sittin’ at home tonight with the hubs watching my boys play Stanford at 6:27 CST in case you were wondering. If we play our game, we’ll make it to San Antonio next weekend for the Final Four. And yes, I talk as if I am a member of the team.  We really need A.J. Abrams to be on his game. Let’s hope Connor Atchley will hit a few threes and even reject some shots from the opponent. By all means, do not overlook Damion James. He’s our secret weapon. Then there is THE MAN…D.J. Augustin. Mark my words…He is the best point guard in college basketball. Tis true. So, who is your favorite college team? Do share. Bless the Lord and…




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  1. Hook ’em Horns!!! I have always loved Texas. Maybe it was the burnt orange cheerleader uniforms with the pretty white fringe? Maybe it was the cute boy who moved across the street from me when I was in fifth grade. He was from Texas and I had a crush on him? Or maybe it was because I liked being different from my friends and family?

    I started cheering for Texas when I was a young girl. My father felt he had made a huge mistake in my upbringing. 🙂 I never really cared for OU….I mean I am an OState fan!!! Go Pokes! However, I have a love of orange and I am also married to a die hard Texas fan!

    One of my sisters is an OU grad as is he husband (poor souls) we have had this running rivalry since I can remember. She gave my first born son an OU hoodie as a babygift and I returned the favor years later when I bought her daughter a TEXAS LONGHORN Cheerleader Barbie…complete with that white fringe!!

    When I married my husband she could not BELIEVE that he was 1. from Texas, 2. a DIE HARD LONGHORN fan, 3. and he was not shy about sharing his love of Texas.

    So we will also be enjoying us some great college basketball tonight. I am like you I LOVE college basketball!!!

  2. ughhhh…..i can’t tell you how disappointed i am to hear you’re from the dark side…a false prophet you are (in a yoda voice).

    you’d enjoy the upside down horns on my curb and my book’em horns shirt…

    as a fellow bean-counter, i believe this brings your forensic accounting skills into serious question…

  3. uuhhhh, what you said. You know the Witchers, we love those horns, but don’t follow like you do. I’ll take your word for it and cheer with the best of them! Thanks for keeping us semi-fans in the know.

  4. Well Lady…I too am an avid sports fan. My husband like to tell his friends that I know more about sports than they do. LOL

    My BOYS are playing your BOYS tonight!! Should be fun. I will be here in little ol’ CA watching! I can’t wait!!

    GO CARDS!!!!!!!

  5. Is it ok for a perfectly normal guy like me to wanna watch Food TV Network and HGTV more than sports?

    I’m gonna play along, just because this is a March Madness thread, although it’s not necessarily my normal thing..i’m just sayin 🙂

    GO VIKINGS!!! (can you guess what college I went to?)

  6. I love March Madness!!! I may not be too good at knowing who the stud teams are going into the tournament each year, but, I am proud to say that I am ahead of my husband and bro-in-law in a huge pool we’re in together. I have Texas going to the Final 4 and then UNC and UCLA in the Championship. Like I said, I don’t have much knowledge base in choosing my picks…I go with my “gut” and my husband laughs.

  7. We are a Sooner fans. my son won’t were orange because he says that’s texas colors. shh… I did pick your Longhorns for my bracket. my husband has me do my own picks for March Madness. I usually do better.. hee hee

  8. Okay I am going to say it and dash since I am a northerner. For basketball I am going to say Michigan State (that is the only time I root for them) any other sport UofM! Go Wolverines!

  9. That is a sweet belt buckle.

    I hope your not still mad at me about booing Texas in Little Rock. It’s was peer pressure. Groupthink.

    Anyway, I inherited that from my Grandmother who is a die-hard Arkansas fans and remembers quite vividly the days of the SWC when Arkansas and Texas were arch-enemies.

    Anyways. Tonight, I’m a Longhorns fan!

  10. Well our Longhorns could not pull it out. 🙁 I am happy though for Kansas. My brother and Billy Self grew up together here in Edmond. They were good friends and played sports together. I will be rooting for the Jayhawks in the final four.

  11. I know it won’t make you feel any better but my boys almost lost to Belmont in the first round and DID lose in the 2nd round! I am so bummed! And to think I might have to watch NC play! UGH!

    No seth it is not a sin to turn your horns down!!

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