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Make The Most Of What You Have

This season of life for the Beall family is a bit on the busy side.  It hasn’t always been this way and won’t always be this way.  But for right now, we are meeting each other coming and going.  Between all of our schedules, we don’t have a single FULL day off together every week and probably won’t for several more months. So, how do we handle this? Very creatively. In full-time ministry, there is always someone who needs us or always something that comes up.  So, having a full day off together every single week without any distractions is rare.  Let alone two.  So, we decided a long time ago that we would not focus on days, but on hours. And that is what we still do today. We love Thursday nights, Friday nights, Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.  We guard those times and only do things that will allow us to relax. All of us have different schedules in our lives.  We have to make sure that we are spending quality and quantity time together with our spouses and children. So what do you do maximize your family time in a busy world?

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  1. We like to read with our kids at night. I also like to do family cooking. One of the reasons we changed our jobs last year was to be together more. Now we can have supper together almost everynight. When I pray at night, I thank the Lord that we ate supper together that night, because it makes me so happy.I forgot why it was important for a while, and I’m sad that I missed out. I took our time for granted, and I won’t do it again. It won’t be long before my husband and I are the only ones left in the house!

  2. Last night… at nearly midnight. The dog wanted to go for a walk. She was persistent with my husband to go for a walk. This is a Japanese Akita I’m talking about. She’s as big as a small woman, 5 feet tall, 100 lbs. She was up in hubby’s face LOL. So, he gave in. He took her to her halter/leash and dressed her for her walk.

    As he stood at the front door ready to walk out I heard his voice say, “Are you coming?” I assumed he was talking to me because I wasn’t standing there with them. I jumped at the chance, because, after we ate dinner he fell asleep in his executive chair and slept for a few hrs. This is a trend with him. So, we took our small human-like four-legged girl for a walk. During our walk we chatted and enjoyed each other.

    I, like you Cindy, only have hours to spend with him. His job is very demanding on him. He’s a computer guy!

  3. My wonderful Husband had his schedule changed to working weekends. Since my lay off and the flexibility in my other part time job I have been able to be off most of the time he is off. We have found this to actually be a blessing right now. It gives us one on one time while the kids are at school or work. During this time of my depression it has been a huge gift from the Lord. A gift I cherish.

    Hour by Hour, Minute by Minute all led by the Lord.

  4. My husband was laid off in December, and while we were fortunate enough that he had another job almost immediately, we now work opposite hours of each other, so the only time we have together during the week is after he gets home from work around 9:30-10. I know I should just go to bed since i need to be up early, but it’s so hard when we haven’t seen each other all day! We make a point to spend almost the entier weekend together, unless he has to stud or take an exam for school…oh yeah, did I mention he’s in school too? 😉 Craziness!

  5. We are so there with ya’ right now! We hardly have a whole day with NOTHING, but we do have Wednesday mornings and/or evenings, Friday mornings, and SOON… Saturday mornings Yeeeeee Haw!. My hubby is a fantastic breakfast-order-up-kind-of-guy, so we love lazy mornings when he fixes us breakfast and we can all hang out. Special times :).

  6. Since starting my new job in Ministry as well, my husband and I are learning just how vital our quality time together is for us and our little boy. Now we are more intentional about our time. It’s precious…..and we are pregnant again so we are seeing how God is faithful and he is blessing us in such an amazing way.

    Love you Lady!! Hope your day is blessed.

  7. cindy, i read this first time this morning… our family functions very similar to you guys. protect friday nights and saturdays… our time, our sabbath!

    need to share this at leading and loving it!

  8. I so can relate! My husband works at church and all the strange hours that follow. I work 3rd shift part-time to be availabe for kids needs and also allow for the flexibility that is need for hubbys varying schedule.

    We keep Tuesday nights open. That is family night, we are often able to grab another night during the week as well depending on what the sports schedules dictate. We both have Mondays off and that is our sabbath/date day 🙂 I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything!

    They key is to make it work. My dad is in the ministry as well so my family understands the hours. My husbands family doesn’t always understand and is always so critical of how “busy” we always are. That is where we struggle…. We are available alot, just not at the times that society deems as “normal”.

    Enough of my rant 🙂 Thanks for posting and letting me know we are okay!

  9. When our child was born sick, we had a lot of time to just sit and be together due to hanging out in the car everyday back in forth to the hospital that was 45 minutes away or just hanging out in the NICU. It was a hard time in our life, but it was also a great time for our marriage. We became really close and leaned on each other. I’m very thankful for that time together and the humor my husband brought to it. He made me laugh, even when all I wanted to do was cry. 🙂

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