Love Thy Neighbor

My blog friend, Tam, recently decided to step out of her comfort zone.  Even though there was a daunting task in front of her, she made a decision. She was going to meet the people who live on her street. And I’m so very proud of her. There is something special about getting to know the people who live near you.  They become like family because your kids play with their kids for hours on end.  They loan you eggs and you pick up an extra jug of milk at the grocery store for them.  They call you when you leave your garage door open and you feed their dog when they are out of town. Chris, the boys and I are blessed…blessed beyond measure with the people who live near us.  I cannot even tell you what it means knowing that these other people care for my children and for us like they do.  They know us and we know them. We know that Christian has an airborne allergy to peanuts which keeps our family from consuming peanut products. We all know that when Ryker asks, “Where duh digs?”  that he’s asking where the kids are. Chris and I giggle when Olivia and Shey do their routine for us on the back porch.  When we hear the sound of a dirt bike, we can bet that Colt and Logan are racing around their yards with theirs.  And we know that right around dinner time, Ashley and Lauren will get home to join in all of the fun. We know each others birthdays and when we’re going out of town.  We know when the work day ends and when we have a day off.  We know where we went to school and who likes certain hobbies.  We know who to call on when the toilet is leaking or when we have a question about finances. We know each other.  And I wouldn’t miss having this second family for anything. If you are able, get to know yours.

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  1. I just recently got married, moved to a new town and state. And wouldn’t you know that God placed us in the exact neighborhood that my new best friend would be living right next door!
    She is refreshing and so honest! She is very different than me and we can’t get enough of her! Our kiddos just love being with her and she helps us out with watching them all when we need it. We give her extra meals and mow her lawn just because we want to…neighbors are some of the best friends we could ever have! And the really fun part is that God picked them for us! good stuff.

  2. youre my hero, cindy! i have a confession. im not a “block mom” ive never been the one to have a ton of kids at my house. i like them better when theyre 15 or older. i know, its terrible.

    i have an update going up later today at my place.

    theresa, your comment cracked me up!

  3. Aww, that made me teary eyed. Don’t let Cindy fool ya, SHE is the glue that helps hold us neighbors together 🙂 She is the most helpful, friendly, outgoing neighbor anyone could ever have. My family and I refuse to move because we are so grateful to have such great company such as Cindy and Chris, they are definitely our second family.

    Tam, I USED to feel the same as you do toward kids being at my house; give it a try you may be pleasantly surprised like I was. I can’t imagine my house without neighbor kids around now, it would be so boring!!!

  4. Great post for me. We had a neighborhood like yours in WV. I am mourning not having it anymore. But…I just need to get out and meet all my new neighbors, maybe I have what I miss so much right here. 🙂 Thanks.

  5. This is hard for me! I’m not the most outgoing person. We moved to this neighborhood in the middle of March. We had two different neighbors introduce themselves and have become great neighbors, but the rest just look at us and go on with their business. I’ve tried to put my shyness away and say, “hello” and stuff, but we have a lot of different cultures in our neighborhood-very diverse. I’m not sure if they would be offended if I walked over there with a plate of cookies or something…I’m praying for wisdom! 🙂

  6. My neighbor is one of my best friends. We do everything together. (And I almost had Charlie in her front yard when I was dropping Toby off to go to the hospital.) Good times.

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