Loss Into Contribution

I am always amazed when I hear a story about a person who has endured so much pain and yet still finds the strength to help others. The woman who contracted a STD is encouraging others to remain pure and save themselves for their wedding night. She’s turned her loss into contribution. The father whose son was taken from him has formed an organization to help find missing children. He’s turned his loss into contribution. The woman who used to be a single mother now is passionate about encouraging others who find themselves in that same place. She’s turned her loss into contribution. The man whose child died due to a drunk driver is now fighting for new legislature against drunk drivers. He’s turned his loss into contribution. Turning our losses into contribution doesn’t take the pain away completely.  But I can speak from experience and tell you, it helps. When I talk to women who’ve just learned that their husband was unfaithful to them…when my husband is able to give advice to church leaders who are going through a similar situation with a staff member that we did…when I look into the eyes of a woman who starts to believe that their marriage will work…when my husband can give hope to a man in bondage to pornography.  When we get to do those things, the pain lessens. It doesn’t make it go away, but in a weird sort of way, it validates my pain. And that brings me healing.  And I need that. What you’ve lost could very well contribute to someone else’s life. Something to think about.

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  1. That is something to think about.

    When you take a loss and turn it into contribution you also bring Glory to God!! You become more about others and less about yourself.

  2. What a great post. I hate using cliche’s but it really is true that “God doesn’t waste a pain on us.”

  3. AMEN!! Some people don’t realize that the things that we learn from going thru our trials and valleys, can really help others. Most people think that they’re going thru something that someone else has never experienced– what a relief it is when we say I that happened to me also. Keep doing what you’re doing Mighty Man and Woman of God! You’re both REAL at a time when God is calling for the spreading of his TRUE UNDILUTED WORD. Thanks for being good mentors.

  4. When I first came to the Lord, the lady who discipled me used to say “God uses everything.” And He does. Praise God.

  5. Several years ago, I met a young man who had just lost his best friend to suicide. He did not want to meet with me, but did so because a mutual friend insisted. I listened to him as he told me of his friend’s life, the circumstances around his death, and his anger at the friend for being so selfish. He told me that he did not want to hear that his friend’s death would somehow be used for good. I didn’t try to say anything like that, to his surprise. He was waiting for it. My purpose on that day was to offer a listening ear and validate his feelings and basically I told him to mourn, and find a way to forgive his friend who saw no hope and was not thinking clearly, and I encouraged him to find a way to memorialize his friend.

    I found it odd that this young man did not want good to come from this bad situation. I doubt he understood what he was saying, because he was grieving. But consider this… if you do not want good to come from bad, then what is the alternative?

    “I want my life to spiral out of control and I want this pain to grow.”

    “I want to give up!”

    “I want to suffer forever!”

    “I want his death to be for no good thing!”

    Doesn’t make a lot of sense. Turning your loss into contribution… that makes sense!

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