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Long-Awaited Book Cover

I don’t really like to brag or boast about my accomplishments. Unless I’m talking about my homemade salsa. Then I might say something about how DADGUM AWESOMELY TASTY it is. But this? This is different. It’s like my baby is being born in stages. My baby being my very first published book that is set to release just six months from now in mid-July. Of course, this “pregnancy” has been longer than most. Over nine years long. But, it’s been necessary to allow the ingredients in the story to settle and truly blend together to create a wonderful outcome. So….here is the cover of my book! Cover for Book Thanks for allowing me to share it with you.

26 thoughts on “Long-Awaited Book Cover”

  1. Proud! I like the quote from Craig on the front…”God’s gift to you”…sweet. Enjoy this moment.

  2. Oh, I just want to cry my eyes out for you! Thanks, God, so much for making this happen! Can’t wait to see what He will do! Much love to you, sister.

  3. 9 years! Some things are worth the wait. Love the cover. Can’t wait to read the book. May God continue blessing you in your ministry. Congratulations. Press on.

  4. Cindy, that is so awesome! I know that God will use you and this book to heal and bless so many. Congratulations!

  5. so, so, so, so proud of you friend. what a huge accomplishment for not only you but your precious family.

    we celebrate you and can’t wait to see what happens in july! 🙂

  6. Love the cover. In just a few weeks I can stop saying “I know that I know” and start saying “I knew that I knew. I love you Cindy. So proud.

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