Marriage Video Series on Adultery – Part 1

This past weekend at, our pastor, Craig Groeschel, shared a very profound and equally moving message.  You can watch it here. My husband, Chris, and I had the opportunity to share our journey.  The first of four videos is below.  The remaining three videos will post the rest of this week. To get better picture quality click on the HD button once you start playing the video.

6 thoughts on “ Video Series on Adultery – Part 1”

  1. Miss Beth and I just watched the video and we are so proud of both of you. The weapon in the enemys hand that he used to try and destroy you is now in your hands to fight against his plans to destroy others lives. Well done.

  2. That was excellent! I am so glad this will be out there for others going through this. When we went through it, we did not find any resources on the internet. You have further inspired me to continue sharing our story of redemption.

  3. Cindy and Chris thank you soooooooo much for putting your story out here, what Heather Kay said is so true, when we was going through it I did not find any resources as well. But through God I stumbled across your website and it has helped me alot in furthering my marriage. God has used both you and your husband to share yourselves with people your hardly know, but I am here to tell you I am very grateful and may God continue to bless you, your family and marriage. I cannot thank you enough.(Thanks!)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I just discovered your site. It has been a little over a year since I discovered my husbands affair. It still hurts and I think it always will. When I asked God what to do, I heard very firmly “Forgive him”. I have forgiven him but I do not trust him. There has been very little honest discussion about the affair. My husband would prefer to bury his head in the sand and pretend it never happened. We are doing our best to move forward. Please pray for us.

  5. Married for 11 years, my wife got messed up couple years ago, I have forgiven her totally
    She still has not believed that I truly did, now our relationship is even shakier, she thinks needing space is the answer for her. there is no one counciling us now, which I am seeking to change that soon (can’t fight this battle on our own). Point is she is comunicating with an old male friend from the past (not in person). Over hearing some of her conversations with him just not right, with sexual tones etc. Reading and listening to your story gives me hope that Christ Can Redeem any situation. I continue to fast and pray for her that she would genuinely repent of her ways and be once again sold out to God…….. I am encouraged by your forgiving spirit and your willingness tocarry on in God.

  6. Thank you for sharing God’s infinite love. Broken though we are, God mends, repairs, restores, heals us! I’m eager to get Cindy’s book.

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