Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Talk About

The Republicans have certainly done that with the nomination of Sarah Palin. Now, don’t fret. I’m not going to turn this into a political blog by any means. In fact, politics, in general, makes me sick to my stomach. So much so that all I do is vote. I don’t watch debates. I don’t read up on who said what. I usually turn my head, stick my fingers in my ears and say, “BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH” during those mud-slinging advertisements shown on TV prior to elections. I am that mature.  But. I couldn’t help but find something ironic while I was watching the news last night. A group of four women were being interviewed by an ABC journalist. Two were Obama supporters and two were supporters of McCain. They were asked if Palin, Alaska governor, mother of five, and soon-to-be grandmother, could do it all. The two who supported McCain said that they believed she could. I expected that answer.  No surprise there. What I didn’t expect to hear from one of the ladies who supported Obama was this statement: “If she (Palin) wants to shortchange her family, that is her business. But she shouldn’t shortchange the nation.” Shortchange her family?  You mean to tell me that someone who leans more toward the liberal side thinks that a woman who does something apart from her family is shortchanging them?  Is she saying that women can’t indeed have it all? Wow.  Didn’t see that one coming.  I mean, last time I checked, which isn’t really very often, mind you, I would have thought someone who leans a little more to the left would believe that Palin could do it all. Marriage, children, career. You name it.  I guess that was the case until she became the vice-presidential nominee with the man that the Obama supporters probably won’t be inviting over for their next Memorial Day celebration. I bet some of you are just itchin’ to comment.  Well, now’s your chance.  Because the probability is high that I will never write about politics again. I’m just sayin’.

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  1. If Palin’s husband is supportive of both she and the children – and he takes a very active role in their lives – I see no reason Palin cannot serve our country and her family well.

    As for her pregnant daughter, some feel that she should drop out of the race to be there for Bristol. I understand this. I do. But, her daughter is 17. She CAN do it. And, she needs to do it. Not her momma.

    I gotta say, having a chick in the White House with not only career experience, but life experience makes me smile. Not to mention, unlike the Hillary’s of the world, Sarah is feminine and strong.

  2. i like her! loved the hockey mom joke – i think it’s funny that we have a woman in the running in the same era as hillary. i hope she gets it on that basis alone. heaven help us if not!

  3. I’m reluctant to discuss politics too – but I wonder if we’re doing women a disservice when we don’t. It seems the main outspoken ones are in the liberal camp – and that leaves those of us on the more conservative side silent – or invisible. That scares me.

  4. I just wondering why she can’t do it? Why is it that a man isn’t “ShortChanging” his family but a woman is? Not all men are the main bread winners in a family and not all women are the better parent. Just because I am a woman dosn’t mean I can’t be amazing at my job. Just because Craig is a man doesn’t mean he can’t be more amazing then me at parenting. Marriage is a partnership, we partner well together.

    I’m just saying. 🙂

  5. I do like her.
    I don’t like how she is being treated.
    I was pregnant at 17, my parents both were actively involved parents. Tired of listening to that argument that if she were home that wouldn’t have happened.
    That’s all I have to say 🙂

  6. I am with you Cindy I cant watch it because I will start to get sick! I have so much to say about this but it looks like I am the weird one because I dont agree with it at all! I think those kids need there mommy and being VP is a lot of hours. I am just saying=)

  7. It’s driving me crazy…all of it! People commenting on things in another person’s life that they have no business commenting on (i.e. media and celebrities)! Like you, it’s making me sick. I’m pretty much at the point where yes, I do and will vote for sure, but I’m at the point of turning off the television and internet sites and just praying. It’s really frustrating me to see the double-standards and thoughtless comments and probing. I think you wrote very well about it. 🙂

  8. I watched 5 mins of Palin last night and thought: Dang, she’s beautiful.
    But, that’s all I got…
    Well, other than the fact that I’m expecting the country to vote Obama/Biden into office. But that’s about it. Right there.

  9. I bet if they would have asked the Obama supporters if a women could handle the job they would probably say as lok as they weren’t republican

  10. I am not taking anything away from SAHM, but you don’t have to be one to be a good mother. Sarah was impressive. Good for her and good for our country if you ask me!!!

  11. I think God calls certain families to be certain ways. It seems that Sarah’s family is called to serve the country in politics. I think it’s awesome and I KNOW she can do it! I had the same thoughts as you though. The liberals are all about feminism until it’s about a darn good kick-butt conservative woman trying to make a difference. She’s my hero and I think the McCain staff were brilliant in their selection!

  12. I like Meg’s idea to turn off the TV and internet and just pray…( the truth? I still may sneak a few peeks). God be with us in all of it.

  13. I generaly don’t watch the debates or pay that much attention because it is just too much, but I was very interested in what Palin had to say & I was very impressed I think she WILL do great things!

  14. For the first time in 15 years, last night I regretted not going on to law school. I saw a real woman with a real family that was making a real difference. I liked her. I wanted to go to Starbucks and drink latte’s with her.

    Sarah Palin for President! I know he’s a veteran (God bless him) and a POW (talk about sacrifice) but John McCain looks like he would smell like mothballs.

  15. I’m with you on the ‘no politics’ rule, BUT (lol) Palin’s speech blew me away. She’s articulate, confident and has a credible track record. She strikes me as fearless – in a good way. If, God forbid, anything should happen to McCain while in office, I believe our country would be in great hands with Palin.

    As far as her kids/family suffering because she’s a working mom, well, it would be hard for ME to have a that many kids AND a baby and work at 7-Eleven, let alone be V.P. of the entire U.S. of A. But that’s me, and that’s why I wasn’t on that platform. However, I agree that some families are called to serve the country, and God gives grace.

    God Bless America.

  16. I’m not a dedicated news junkie, but I love democracy even with all its insanity–although I prefer to get my news from “fair and balanced” Fox News. I think Sarah Palin is the most exciting person to run for national office in my (very long) memory. I also think the gal knows who she is, and I’m thinking she also knows WHOSE she is. For sure she’s bringing a lot of excitement to the GOP. Her really good-looking husband seems totally supportive of her. My daughter who lives in Atlanta is surrounded by “house husbands” who have the main role in child-rearing. Welcome to the 21st Century, Folks! Go Sarah! I think McCain looks younger since you came on board!

  17. Ya, I know, I’m Canadian – why should I care, right? Well, as I was telling Heidi not long ago (who was surprised by the way) we CARE, we CARE, we CARE about what goes on in the US and we REALLY CARE about who y’all vote for (we even have our own little voting arguments here until someone says, “you’re not a US citizen!). I don’t watch all the debates but I sure do keep my eyes and ears open to keep checking the pulse.

    Yip, got something to say about Mrs. Palin . . . YOU GO GIRL! Did God use Deborah and Jaelen to “peg” the king in the head, or did he use Barak? Did God use Mordecai or Esther to get rid of Hamon and influence the king? Who left her family and followed her mother in law?? Ruth! Don’t make me go on. Women are God’s secret weapon because sometimes people just don’t “expect” that we can do everything we can do and still put supper on the table, diaper the baby, and give sugar to the hubby and still take time for a bubble bath. Yeah!

  18. good call cindy. kind of a contradictory statement she made, eh? i guess there are no absolutes there. what works for one cant work for other? – especially if you’re feeling a little inferior to it. its all silly.

  19. I think it might help to remember that the media thrives off of controversy–creating it and reporting it. So the media people just chose someone who would say exactly what that particular woman said.

    I’m not losing any sleep over this election. And I’m sure not losing any sleep over one woman’s comment about another woman.

    Speaking of sleep…

    …Good night!

  20. i like her too… it has been very interesting to watch all the contradictory statement as well as see how the tabloids have jumped on her and her family.

    it’s gonna be a fun political race!

  21. I tend to walk in the middle of the political world but in the case, I have to say that I don’t think she should try to do it all. I believe putting her daughter in the middle of a media circus is an awful lot of pressure on a 17-year-old girl who is already stressed from an unplanned pregnancy. And let’s face facts, it doesn’t matter what party you’re a part of, when something like a teenage pregnancy comes to light, it’s going to be in the media. On top of this, Sarah has a special needs child who needs extra attention. How much time and attention can she, or anyone else in the family, give him when they’re on the campaign trail? It’s too late for her to turn back now so I pray that she is able to maintain her family and career.

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