Lessons From Proverbs – #5

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed. Proverbs 15:22
You may not agree with the choices that President Obama makes.  I’m not here to even discuss that aspect of his presidency.  What I do want to mention is the amount of advisers that he has in his life.  Not just him but any man who has been the president of our country.  Does it mean our president always does what the advisers suggest?  Of course not, but I think there is something to be said about the most powerful man in the country having advisers in his life. No one has all the answers. (Those of you who think you do, read the sentence above again.) We need the counsel and advice from godly, wise people to help us navigate our way through life.  If we don’t humble ourselves and ask for it, we are missing out of a great gift. If the President of the United States of America takes advice from people, maybe you and I should? Thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Lessons From Proverbs – #5”

  1. Wow Cindy… [inserts sarcasm in a jokingly manner] what a novel idea! In all seriousness I totally agree with you here. If many would only listen to the wiser they wouldn’t be in the predicaments they’re in. God is a great and wise one to listen to! I do my best! I fall off the mark on occasion as most do. However, the trick is to bring my focus back to God! HE **does** know best! Praise HIS Holy Name!

  2. President Obama has the PERFECT advisers for the agenda he wants to obtain…..

    And I love when those that you have chosen to receive counsel from see things wise things that I didnt see or ways God has moved or is moving that I totally missed….

  3. I think the emphasis should be on “many advisers” here.

    I have always valued others advise and I have succeeded at so many things due to that.

    However, I have made big mistakes by following the advise of strong (well meaning) Christian people too. I have learned to listen but also discern the advise. Looking for other sources through reading, other peoples advise or experience. Discernment comes from God and from our efforts seeking, I think.

    For me its checking that sense (aka gut instinct) of feeling that its right or that “light bulb” moment when God opens my eyes or heart.

    Example, finding this blog!

  4. I have this UH-MAZING group of women I go to when I need counsel. I would even consider one of them my spiritual taser. =) It’s a good thing.

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