Legalistic And Loving It

Not really. I started a Beth Moore Bible study this summer, and I am not going to complete it. This is odd for me because one, I am a complete Beth Moore junkie who adores her writing style, vulnerability and knowledge of the Word and two, because I am a rule follower and task-oriented person. Many moons ago, I would have made sure I finished every single lesson of any type of Bible study. And then I would have smugly walked into a group of women with my I’m not going to use the excuse of my children attitude for not finishing the discussion questions. I was that woman. And I didn’t like her. These days, I am lucky, even though I don’t believe in luck, to sit down and have a dedicated handful of minutes to dive into the Word of God without an interruption from a little version of Chris Beall. I can’t remember the last time I actually got on my knees in prayer but can tell you that I’ve thrown more one liners at my Heavenly Daddy than a comedian. Many of my carpool rides consist of discussions about Tech Deck’s, Tony Hawk, and being cool all wrapped up with some Jesus in them. Family devotions usually occur in a random, but frequent manner as we go through this thing called life. I know that the Enemy of my soul would love nothing more than for me to go back to that place…that awful place of following rules just for the sake of following rules and making sure I sound spiritual to my spiritually mature friends and trying to memorize a verse in order to impress those around me and hope that I’ll be placed on a pedestal somewhere up high. Real high. Um, no thank you. I’ll just take Jesus.

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  1. Rules can be easier to follow b/c they are so clear. I have always found that when I follow rules my trust ends up in the rules and my pride in me!
    I have discovered that following Jesus is more challenging (in the listening part) but filled with way more love! And love is what I need lots of!!!
    good post!

  2. AMEN!!! I get some flac sometimes b/c i do not follow the rules i work at a yoga studio, a some gay friends, some friends who are buddist(they all loving know where i stand) – some of my christain friends do not understand – until i explain to them why? – i agree – i will just take Jesus!!

  3. I was the girl who would give plastic answers covered in ostentatious spirituality…I’d trade that old me for the new me, who comes w/ more questions than answers, any day!
    nice to meet the new you. love, the new me.

  4. For months I put off reading Captivting by John and Staci Eldridge. My thoughts…I do not need another book to tell me how I am falling short in my life as a Christian, a wife, a woman, etc.

    When I finally started reading the book, the first chapter said the same thing…Christian women do not need another book to tell them how to be and have it all.

    This isn’t to say your Beth Moore study did that…just that the you of the past felt you had to complete the study or you weren’t “doing” enought.

    Just BE. Be You. Be in relationship with Jesus.

    Let God mold you and change you rather than always striving to live up to the expectations of others or yourself. Strive only to live up to His expectiations…and stop allowing others to define those expectations.

  5. i so love your authenticity in this post — thank you for that. i, too, used to be confined in my own FORM of godliness. “no thank you. i’ll just take jesus”. yes maam, that’s good!

  6. I find everytime I raise my standard, it’s me that I have to keep beating. It’s easier to look around at those whose standards are not up to (my) par. If I would just follow His standard and forgive myself as easily as I forgive others, I’d be good to go. 🙂

  7. Thank you for this. Very recently I have learned that it’s okay to just be real with my relationship with God. I grew up having rules and regulations about how much time in “the Word” and how much along prayer time I should be spending everyday to consider myself “spiritually mature”.

    To heck with guaging all that!! It’s not about doing it a certain way or a certain length of time. He just wants to commune with us. And I think that can be in whatever way is possible in our lives at that moment. Thank you! You always bring truth.

  8. Thank you so much for this. Sometimes I get so tired of the, “what are you doing?” sort of questions. Right now I’m just being.

    Thanks for the great writing and blessing.


  9. if i had no tact, or less than my current small at., i would SO copy and paste this and post it on my blog.

    i relate and i am with you!

  10. And A Big Thank You goes to Cindy…… AMEN GIRL!
    Thank you for putting this out there for all of us who wished we had said it first….

  11. You know, I was just talking to Terry about something along this line. We were discussing one thing we had learned spiritually this year. Mine was my “quiet time” didn’t have to be me, my Bible and a journal at 5:30 in the morning. Its nice, but some days, small bits of time talking to Him all day long and recalling scripture is just as good.

  12. I was recently challenged when my Bible study leader said, “At the end of this year it will be very sad if you have a head full of knowledge, but an unchanged heart.” That hit home for me. I pride myself in “getting the lesson done”, but I would rather answer one question and have an intimate experience with Jesus than answer all of the questions only to have my head swell with spiritual pride.

  13. LOL!
    “This is odd for me because one, I am a complete Beth Moore junkie who adores her writing style, vulnerability and knowledge of the Word and two, because I am a rule follower and task-oriented person.” I had a feeling we were separated at birth…

    AMEN to the Beall sister! You got it….I’ll take Just Jesus too…it’s much better on this side of that fence:)

  14. AMEN!! I think Satan has so many “super moms” trapped in this lie 🙂 Thanks for allowing God to use you to affirm this truth to me and so many others again! God loves us because He just does, not because of the things we do, but because of the girl we BE in JESUS!!

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