Laminin. LAMININ!

The man in the video below doesn’t know me from Adam. Or Eve, for that matter. His name is Louie Giglio, and God used him to usher change, radical change, into my life in August of 1990. You see, my dad has just passed away, I was nearing the age of 20 and about to move away from my mom for the first time in my life. My very best girlfriend, Christy, had walked with me through this difficult season and decided that an invitation to a camp in Glorieta, New Mexico was the antidote for my plight. She was so right. If you can not stay where you are for the next 8 minutes and 43 seconds, then please don’t push the play button. If you are able, prepare yourself to be amazed at the Creator of our Universe and resident of our hearts.

17 thoughts on “Laminin. LAMININ!”

  1. A friend sent this to me a few weeks ago, and I was floored. Growing up not far from Northpoint, you had to live underground to not have heard or been touched by Louie Giglio. Thanks for sharing. Incredible!

  2. Three weeks ago at a Women’s Bible Study I heard about Laminin for the first time. Since then, from 2 separate sources, this video has been brought to my attention. Do you think God is trying to teach me something?! Now…it’s my turn to listen and learn! Thanks, Cindy, for being part of the teaching process!

  3. I posted this a few weeks ago. It’s powerful! Was planning to post it for Plunderful Life today…what a coincidence!

    Louie Giglio is an amazing speaker.

  4. This is amazing!!!

    When I first saw it and today when I saw it again,
    I paused and choked on my coffee of How great God is…

  5. When I saw this tid bit I had to see the whole thing so I bought the video. If you haven’t seen the entire thing it is so worth it. Let me know if you want to borrow

  6. I saw the before, right about the time I published a post called “Category 5.” After writing that, laminin really wasn’t so exciting to me anymore.

    But I am REALLY GLAD it has opened so many eyes. And helped you too, Cindy! 😉

  7. What an amazing visualization of something that has been going on for centuries. You know God was chuckling when he made laminin, thinking, ‘boy, when they get the electron microscope, this will FLOOR em!’. He can always surprise.

  8. One of my favorites. I saw it a month or so ago and have passed it on many times. Isn’t God amazing!!! I am also excited that my son is going to a youth convention in San Antonio after his mission trip and he will see Louie Giglio speak.

  9. I’m shocked that I’m shocked. This is just second nature to God. But I’m still shocked and amazed and in awe! Thanks so much for the post.

  10. Cindy,
    Its interesting that I found this link today. Last night Tim and I were discussing the universe, who God is, how personal he is, and the science behind the idea that “God is in all things.”

    This blows me away. God has the most fantastic sense of humor. I think that as he created man he was chuckling to himself thinking about the day we would discover laminin. What a jokester! Thanks for sharing this.

  11. I got this as an email and it is so awesome!!! I wish everyone would watch it. God is so much bigger than we could ever imagine!

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