Ladies, Don’t Wear A White T-Shirt When You Get Baptized

One year, two months and 22 days from now, I will turn 40 years old. I know, right? My mother still thinks I’m 22.  Regardless of how much in denial she is, I am definitely not 22. As I’ve aged and learned more, I have realized that just because I’ve learned a lot in my lifetime doesn’t mean I know anything.  However, people apparently think I do, so I thought I would take this opportunity and inundate tell you a handful of things that I think will enrich your life. You’re welcome. 1.  Do not, under any circumstances, put a glass lid in the oven if it has a plastic knob on the top of it.  Trust me. 2. Don’t have a long pity party.  Maybe a 30-minute one and then move on. Life is too short and we are too blessed. 3. Have coffee with your closest friends at a cafe.  Laugh, talk, cry. 4. Always go to the clearance rack first.  Always. 5.  Trust Jesus.  He is the only One who will never fail you.  Promise. Want to meet Him?  I can show you how.

7 thoughts on “Ladies, Don’t Wear A White T-Shirt When You Get Baptized”

  1. These definitely are great tips! I appreciate #2 as it took me 30 years to understand that one. And #5 is core of my being, even though I fall short so many times.

  2. Thanks they’re all good #5 is the best!!!! I’ve always did #4, sometimes I get everything off the sales rack. Now that’s a good day. #2 is on the mark also, that’s really too much time to waste in a pity party, time you could be doing so much more.

  3. Reading this post for the second time. Was in Target last night and thought “I’m going to Clearance first…just like Cindy does.” 🙂

    Also, I’d be honored to make your 40th birthday cake next year if you’d allow me the honor. I bet I could do anything you could dream up, so BRING. IT. ON. 🙂

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