Over the next few months, I’m going to start doing some short video blogs.  I’d like to address some things that many of us face on a daily basis.  I’ve got some issues to discuss already but would like to know if you’d like me to tackle any questions you might have. So, ask away!  Anything you’d like for me to tackle?

7 thoughts on “#justsayin”

  1. I’d like to know more about how you guys lost weight and how you have maintained the loss. We have begun our journey to become healthier and I’d just like to hear about your success with that.

  2. I simply enjoy the lessons I learn and how I relate to a lot of what you post. If I think of anything along the way I’ll pose the question then.

  3. I would like to know, in a time like this, how can we be sure that we are living true Chris-like lives? How can we do this when our husbands are unsaved?

  4. I would like to know how to overcome the dark moments when fear creeps in, the fear that infidelity will happen again. I think for me these moments are triggered when I hear about someone else facing this situation,whether in my social circles or on the news.

  5. What do you do when you start to get bitter and angry at Chris? Or does that ever happen anymore? Was there a time that you began to lose interest in Chris because of what he did? How did you gain that love again? If the fire is dying, what do you do to light it again? What are the best bible studies to do for forgiveness? We have tried to do “Home Builder” studies, but they only seem to make my DH more angry and bitter about the problems we have. I won’t to do something that is actually made for people rebuilding trust and love. We did The Love Dare 40 day challenge, but it seems like it was all in vain, because my DH wasn’t really ready yet. He still had way too much anger and frustration for it to actually help.

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