Just Take Those Old Records Off The Shelf

(And no, the title of this post has nothing to do with the post itself.) Last weeks posts were all about dealing with infidelity.  You might have noticed that I AM EXTREMELY PASSIONATE ABOUT MARRIAGE, thankyousokindly. (Pardon my yelling.) (But the passion, it escapes me.) I plan to be faithful by doing a lot of things… • like not saying anything to the opposite sex that I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying in my husband’s presence. • by not being alone with a man who is not my husband or family member. • like taking thoughts captive when they might otherwise lead me toward a tumultuous and rocky terrain. by thinking of ways that I can be the best wife to my husband. I plan to do a lot of things. What do you plan to do?

8 thoughts on “Just Take Those Old Records Off The Shelf”

  1. I plan to watch the rest of those videos–thanks for posting them!

    (And I also started my other plans by having a very honest conversation with my husband last night.) We really needed that…and now I see how easily a couple can drift apart without honest communication.

  2. I am a newly married woman trying so hard to keep my husband happy. He thinks it’s wrong for me to see a male dr. of any kind. He says it’s just like being with another man; other than him seeing me naked and touching my body. I don’t agree, but i have changed all my dr.’s to males. Still this isn’t enough, he wants me to say that I see that he is right…that neither of us should let the opposite sex see our bodies if at all possible…even care takers! Please give me your opinion. He says he is leaving me if i don’t see it soon! He is such a good man and is very good to my kids!

  3. Hey Cindy, I have decided to jump on your site and surf around and I love it – I appreciate all the honesty with not only the women but also the men. I am a young poet and I get inspired by stories of that sort! I pray that God will continue to bless you and everything you set your hands to!

  4. I wish there was someway for my husband – who is living with his affair partner – would watch these. Cindy, your story is such a hope lifter. God bless to you and Chris.

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