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Y’all really have to hear this. I look at my stats like any other blogger but don’t put a ton of weight on them because quite frankly, I don’t really even understand what they all mean.   I’m just sayin’. But, I do know what it means when people do a search for something on the internet.  I have done PUH-len-tee in my day.  There are two phrases that tickled me pink, just tickled me pink and I thought alla y’all’d get a kick out of them, too.  (Note:  “alla y’all’d” simply means all of you all would in Texas and Oklahoma.)  Here are the phrases: 1.  “went up a size” – longoria. 2.  proverbs 31 don’t like cooking And there you go. If you have a blog or website, what’s the craziest phrase someone has used to find it?

12 thoughts on “Just Do A Search”

  1. “sonlight is evil” [laughing] What’s better is they stuck around for over seven and a half minutes. Hope they got the answer they were searching for [smile].

    That was fun. I’d never done that before.


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