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Just yesterday, Craig preached his third message of a 4-part series entitled How To Be Rich. Don’t let the title trick you into thinking that this is some type of GET RICH scheme or prosperity gospel. It’s not! I personally loved the entire series and have come away with some amazing truths. The fact that Chris and I are in the top 1% of wage earners IN THE WORLD is uh-MAY-zing. If you make more that $45,000 a year, then you are, too. (Top 4% if your salary is $37,000 and above!) Yesterday’s message was on the beloved tithe. At the particular experience where I was, you could sense a little tension in the room. Why? Because many Christians struggle with this concept. We think that the money we earn is ALL ours. The Bible teaches differently. Craig summed the message up with this:

90% of our income with God’s blessing is better than 100% without it

Doesn’t get any more simple than that.

Tithing for Chris and me is so ingrained in us that we don’t even think about it anymore. I know it’s the same for many of you, too. Now, we are trying to see where God wants us to increase our percentage. And quite frankly folks, that’s just a whole lotta fun for us Beall’s. Call us crazy.

Anyway, a long time ago Chris and I decided that we wanted to track all of the financial blessings and miracles that God had done in our marriage. We bought a little book and named it God’s Provision Book. It has flowers on it and is real cute. Chris isn’t a fan.

Throughout our entire marriage, we have written story after story after story in it. We did this because we not only wanted to be able to look back and praise God for His faithfulness but also because when times are tough, and we know they can be, we can look back and see that God is true to His Word. Plus, it will be quite a testimony to our sons as they learn about trusting God with their lives.

Does anyone else do anything like this? It’s never too late to start 🙂




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  1. I really needed to hear this today. My husband and I are about to take a leap of faith so to speak (see my blog). I know God is faithful but still changes are scary. We do tithe. However, together we have committed to tithe faithfully this year. Sometimes when we miss church we don’t make up for it on our next tithe. Our intentions are to do it faithfully every year but this year especially we are working a little harder to. We have made it a priority.

  2. Wow! What a great idea to write them down!! I love it! I have so many already that I should have started years ago. He has definitley blessed our 90% and the return we’ve received has been way more than 10%. Love it! Love it!

  3. Cindy,
    Great idea! I wished I had thought of something like that sooner so that my teenagers could see the provision in black and white. We always talk about His provision but having a book for the family to all participate in is wonderful! I am going to set one up tonight!

    I have been listening to the sermons at home online. I have been a fan of Craig since my single again days when he held something called Single Truth in Downtown OKC.

  4. Tithing and giving became easy when I realize that He is my Provider and all that I have is from Him.

    Nothing is mine. All is His.

    I am just carrying for Him until He needs me to deliver it somewhere or to somebody.

  5. I have enjoyed this series’ how to be rich’ so much it has also enlightened my husband. we too have been tithing $20 here & there. howevere right before Craig started the series tithing was on my heart. I picked up the book ‘Treasure Principle’ by Randy Alcorn. (Craig had sent this out months ago & I just put it to the side to read later) This book has been awesome for me it goes along with the series and has made me look at tithing a different way. it was a scary lead but I feel the joy in giving now!

  6. Keeping track of blessings…what an amazing thought. I think we have a tendancy to forget too often how richly blessed we are. I love tithing messages. I believe that if someone believes 100% in the bible, they must believe in tithing. Four years ago, I gave my heart to the Lord. It was within a few months I first heard about tithing. I was in the middle grips of a bankruptcy. I never knew how I was going to put food on the table. Malachi is the only place in the bible where God urges us to test Him. I did. I was a little scared but He came through and I’ve never looked back since. He continues to bless me. I get a thrill when I see items on sale at the grocery store or when I unexpectedly get a refund cheque from the government. It is all His and I know that taking care of His money brings immense blessings, when we’re obedient.

  7. What great ideas! I haven’t been to your blog in awhile and I’m back. Keep writing – you have such great ideas.

    I’ve never been able to keep up a thanksgiving or provision book. Sounds like a good idea in the new year!

    We’ve been thru big stuff financially (getting sued maliciously is no fun) but we were able to keep our house and come out the other end alright. I will say we are much wiser now. God always has provided for us. Without fail.

  8. My pastor growing up said that Catholics and Baptist made the best Pentecostals. Catholics never miss church and Baptist always pay their tithes. Well, my dad grew up Catholic and my mom grew up Baptist so were taught to do both (go to church and tithe) from birth. It’s not a question for me, that 10% belongs to Him. It is also fun finding ways to sow some of that other 90%. Oh, I still haven’t found a job but God has this…He has been working things out and I have some fresh new ideas on the ministry front (things I’d like to do). I also haven’t been able to read you every day but we are working on setting up our internet at home.

  9. I like your provision book. I just might start one myself 🙂 I wish as believers we could see all of our money as His money…it sure would change what we did with it…

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